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Kisan Caste : Indigenous Inhabitant of Far Eastern Side of Nepal

The Kisan Caste living only in Jhapa, the far eastern district of Nepal, is an

Magar Caste : Largest Indigenous Inhabitant Of Nepal

The Magar Caste  are the largest ethnic group among the indigenous tribes living in Nepal.

Jirel Community : Indigenous Nepali Inhabitant Who Worship Mountain

Background of Jirel Community Jirel Community  is a branch of the Kirat caste that has

Tamang : Know Everything About Indigenous Caste of Nepal

Who are Tamang? The Tamang caste is one of the various indigenous tribes of Nepal.

Gurung : The History, Origin , Culture and Tradition in Gurung Caste

The Gurung caste is also one of the castes listed by the Government of Nepal

Gosaikunda Mela : One of The best time to visit Gosaikunda

Devotees have started flocking to the holy shrine Gosaikunda Mela on September 25. According to

Maghe Sankranti : Historical And Cultural Importance of Maghe Sankranti

Another popular festival traditionally celebrated by Nepalis is Maghe Sankranti, it is called by different

Janai Purnima : The Historical and Cultural Importance of Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima, According to Hindu religious scriptures, the religious and cultural festival of the Hindus,

Namaste : What Are The Benefits and Cultural Importance of Namaste

Namaste, When we meet someone, we greet with folded hands. Relatives, acquaintances, friends, teachers, guests

Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Choli : National Dress Of Nepal-Cultural Importance

Daura Suruwal And Gunyu Choli : Overview Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Choli are National Dress