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Bhimsen Thapa

Who is Bhimsen Thapa?  What did you do from birth to death?

In Nepal, Bhimsen Thapa is given two different ethnic status! The Magar community calls Bheemsen Thapa Thapa Magar while the locals are calling him Thapa Chhetri! However, many of them say that he  was from the area! We’ve written a little about Wikipedia’s facts and various online searches!

Bheemsen Thapa, 9 August 1775 – August 50, 1839 was Nepal’s second and longest-serving Mukhtiar, the Prime Minister of Nepal and a national figure. Bhimsen Thapa emerged after becoming the attendant (royal secretary and advisor) of King Ran Bahadur Shah. In 1800, Bhimsen Thapa accompanied Ran Bahadur to Varanasi, India, to live in exile.

Bhimsen Thapa -Notes Nepal
Bhimsen Thapa

Due to this gratitude, Ran Bahadur Shah appointed Bhimsen Thapa as Qazi (Minister-like) in the newly expanded government. After Ran Bahadur Shah was assassinated by his half-brother Sher Bahadur Shah in 1806, Bheemsen Thapa killed 93 people and became his own mukhtiar (post like prime minister).

During the tenure of Bhimsen Thapa as the Prime Minister, the Nepalese Empire had greatly expanded. Evidence of this can be seen in the fact that at that time the empire’s borders extended to the Sutlej River in the west and the Tista River in the east.However, by 1814/1816, Nepal was engulfed in a devastating British-Nepalese war, which resulted in Nepal having to cede one-third of its land to the East India Company under the Treaty of Sugauli.

Bhimsen Thapa -Notes Nepal
Bhimsen Thapa

In 1816, due to the death of King Bikram Shah in his youth and the succession of his successor, King Rajendra Bikram Shah, and the support of Rani Lalittripursundari, the youngest wife of Ran Bahadur Shah, and the support of some courtiers, Bhimsen Thapa remained in power.Bhimsen Thapa’s power was stabilized in 1832 with the death of his great supporter Rani Lalittripursundari and the arrival of King Rajendra Bikram Shah in his youth.

The Pandits mainly considered Bhimsen Thapa as the mastermind behind the assassination of Damodar Pandey in 1804. Due to various conspiracies and activities of anti-courtiers, Bhimsen Thapa was finally imprisoned in 1839 and committed suicide there. However, even after his death, the internal strife did not subside and as a result, the Rana reign emerged.


Many writers have called Bhimsen Thapa a Kshetri but some have been saying that he will be Thapa Magar! Looking at Bhimsen Thapa’s sketch, he doesn’t look like a crocodile and his family background seems to be regional! Bheemsen Thapa is a person we should be proud of! He will always be remembered in our Nepal history!


Bhimsen Thapa was born in B.C. He was born to a Chhetri family in Peepal Thok village of Borlang in Gorkha district on August 29, 1832. Amar Singh Thapa was the eldest son of Sanukaji and Satyarupa Maya. It is said that he was killed by a herd .His brothers were Nan Singh Thapa, Amrit Singh Thapa, Bhaktawar Singh Thapa, Ranbir Singh Thapa and Ranjawar Singh Thapa and Ranbam Singh Thapa in Sauteni.

During the bratbandha, Bhimsen Thapa first met Ran Bahadur Shah. He was 10 years old at the time. It was made at the same time based on the friendship of Sah and Thapa at the same age. His childhood was spent happily in Gorkha. Her education was arranged according to the circumstances of the time.

Shakti Udayas 1798/1804
The royal family

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Bag Durbar

Bhimsen Thapa Due to the untimely death of Pratap Singh Shah, the eldest son of Prithvi Narayan Shah (reign 1775-1777), the progressive state of Nepal and the vast power became vacant. At the time of Pratap Singh’s death, his successor son, Ran Bahadur Shah (reigned 1777 (1799)) was only 2 years and 6 months old. ) Assumed state power.

By not prioritizing the issue of national administration, the courtiers made the royal life of these two states (delegates ‘royal issues an issue, laying the foundation for a bad tradition for future state representatives’ races. , Which led to a commercial treaty with the British in 1792.


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