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Lichhavi Dynasty

Lichhavi Dynasty :  Even when they saw a flock of birds chirping and flying, people looked at the sky with both hands, wondering if war had broken out. Somewhere in the northeastern village, there was a rumor that the Tibetan army had entered Kathmandu. In the midst of the usual commotion in the market, one day, if the loud voice of the city was heard, people would rush to the beach.

Those walking on the road stood still. The temple bell stopped ringing. The merchants weighed the goods and looked at the road.Farmers working in the fields hurriedly dipped their hands and feet in the water to wipe the mud. Ever since the cold wind blowing from the northeastern sky brought the news that Prince Narendradev is coming to Kathmandu with 200 Tibetan troops, the people here are similarly anxious.

Lichhavi Dynasty -Notes Nepal
Lichhavi Dynasty

People are afraid of war, but they have been boiling like a volcano for 22 years, hoping for a war tomorrow. Narendra Dev turned thirty years old. He must have been ten years old when his father lost his rule to King Udaydev. Gupta-Abhir dictator Jishnugupta conspired to assassinate the ruler in the name of Yuvaraj Dhruvdev, Uday Dev’s brother.

He placed Dhruvdev on the throne and ruled himself. The Licchavi dynasty shrank into the skull.When the palace is in turmoil, the king ranks. Udayadeva hid for some time. From Handigaun to Kathmandu, from Lalitpur to Bhaktapur – the more he turns, the more he turns. The people have supported him, but the emphasis has not been on Jishnugupta’s military.

He entered Tibet with his son Narendra Dev and some well-wishers to save his life. Rajpath was lost, the state was also lost.At that time, Emperor Srang-Chung-Gampo was a big name in Tibet. He is also the son-in-law of Uday Dev. A few years ago, when Uday Dev was on the throne, Srang-Chung-Gampo extended his hand of love to both his neighboring capitals, Kathmandu and Beijing.

Chinese Princess Wencheng Li descended from China, Udayadeva’s daughter Bhrukuti rode a doli from Kathmandu.These two princesses are considered to have played a major role in propagating Buddhism in Tibet. According to Tibetan mythology, Princess Bhrukuti took the idols of Akshobhya, Maitreya and Tara as dowry.

Chinese Princess Wencheng Li also brought some ancient Buddha statues. Both of these foreign wives inspired the king to make Buddhism the state religion. The Buddha statues brought by both are still decorated in Tibet.Bhrikuti is adored by the name of ‘Green Star’ and Wencheng by the name of ‘White Star’.

Wherever the statues of Srang-Chung-Gampo are, there are two queens standing on either side. There is even a grand opera in Lhasa in the name of the Chinese wife.Uday Dev relied on his own son-in-law in times of crisis. He began living in exile in Tibet as a political refugee. He died in exile.

Narendra Dev was looking for an opportunity. While living as a refugee in Tibet, he did many things to conquer Kathmandu. He maintained constant contact with the people who were in harmony with the Licchavi dynasty and loved Udayadeva. By uniting them, they created an atmosphere of rebellion. But, it didn’t take much skill.

He did not have enough troops to defeat the Guptas. He understood that to revolt against the Abhir dictator without the use of force was to cause his own destruction.In this Ranaha, Narendra Dev may have expected military assistance from the Tibetan emperor. He may have sent a message to his sister Bhrukuti to Srang-Chung-Gampok.

Lichhavi Dynasty -Notes Nepal
Lichhavi Dynasty

Srang-Chung-Gampo did not want to interfere in the internal affairs of a foreign country, even though it was a family affair. If he had given his support in time, it would not have taken Narendra Dev 22 years to invade Kathmandu.Time is not the same. Time is a cycle, he says.The time cycle once again turned in Narendra’s favor, which suddenly created a situation between Peking (then the Chinese capital) and Kathmandu, which became a stepping stone to take back his lost kingdom.

A political power struggle was raging between Harshavardhana, the powerful emperor of northern India, and another similarly powerful Maharaja of South India, Pulakeshin II. Harshavardhana wanted to defeat Pulakeshin and conquer South India. Harshavardhana, who had been defeated in the previous attack, sought refuge with the Chinese emperor.

He sent some of his envoys to Peking to form an alliance against Pulakeshin. In response, Chinese Emperor Tai Jong also decided to send his embassy to India. The Chinese embassy was formed under the leadership of Li-Yu-Piao.They left for the south with the Indian team to meet Emperor Harshavardhana.

Chinese and Indian envoys made their way to the newly opened Tibet. The plan was to cross the Himalayas and enter the Kathmandu Valley and from here cross Chandragiri and enter India. This was the Nepal-India-Tibet trade route at that time. This trade route has been in operation since the time of Anshu Varma.

The envoys of the two countries reached the border of Nepal from Peking via Lhasa, but an unexpected event blocked their way.At that time, Dhruvadev’s son Bhimarjundev was the ‘King of Skulls’ and Rajpath was in the hands of Jishnugupta’s son Bishnugupta. These new Abhir rulers did not allow the joint embassies of the two neighboring countries to enter their territory.

The Abhir rulers had been angry with Tibet for twenty-two years, claiming that Uday Dev and his son had been sheltered as royal guests. Vishnugupta put a heavy guard on the Tibetan border, which proved to be a very expensive decision for him.Both neighboring rulers became angry with Kathmandu. Lichhavi Dynasty

It was a hot time for Prince Narendradev, who had been aspiring to take back the throne from the hands of the Abhir dictator. He won the support of three powerful emperors from China, Tibet and India. After that, they rushed to Kathmandu with the Tibetan forces, taking the responsibility of taking the members of the Indian and Chinese embassies across the Kathmandu Valley to India safely.

Let’s imagine that fight for a moment!While the people were counting from time to time, the city was throbbing under the leadership of Narendra Dev. The chirping of birds made the sky tremble. Lavalashkar of people, elephants and horses formed a dust cloud. Some detachments of the Abhir army stood in the way of Dhulikhel.

Narendra Dev’s army rained fireballs. The black cloud became a cloud. How many armies were wrapped in fire, how many were crushed under elephant feet. When the sword and the spear fought, lightning flashed like lightning. The wind was blowing from the bow.Narendra Sena destroyed the first batch of the enemy and marched forward cheering.

The sound of elephants and horses, the clapping of people, the sound of swords and spears penetrated Kathmandu from Dhulikhel to Banepa, from Banepa to Sanga and from Sanga to Bhaktapur. Lichhavi Dynasty

The well-wishers who had been waiting for Narendra Dev’s message from Tibet were staring at the sun with both hands. Just as Yuvaraj Narendradev was seen entering the city with his forces, they too came into the army carrying their home-made weapons. Following an army of 200 Tibetans, an army of 2,000 marched on the palace like locusts. Lichhavi Dynasty

Some soldiers in Abhir Sena were well-wishers of Narendra Dev. They have already laid down their arms. There was a fierce battle with the rest. Kathmandu became Kurukshetra. The streets turned red with blood. Red splashed on the walls of the house. The sound of swords, spears, and arrows frightened elephants and horses.

When the king and the people came together, Abhir’s army disintegrated. They hit Kulelam to save their lives. He threw down his arms and surrendered.The reign of Abhir dictator Vishnugupta ended forever. Bhimarjunadev, who was crowned on his own strength, handed over the throne to Yuvaraj Narendradev, the son of Licchavi dynasty Udayadev.

Lichhavi Dynasty -Notes Nepal
Lichhavi Dynasty

After a long time, the Liccha dynasty re-emerged in active rule.The city was buzzing. Sindurejatra was done. The victory flag waved over the wooden pavilion. Narendra Dev’s cheers echoed from all sides.


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