Badimalika Temple : Seven Day Pilgrimage Site , Martadi

Badimalika Temple

Tourist activity has increased in the famous religious and tourist site of Bajura, Badimalika temple area. Every year on the eve of Janapurnima, a special puja is performed at Badimalika. This year, the worship of Badimalika is scheduled to take place on 29 July. Pilgrims and tourists from different districts of the country, including neighboring India, continue to come to worship the Badimalika temple.

According to the tradition of formal worship, pilgrims from neighboring districts of Achham, Doti, Jumla and Calicut along with government worship teams come to Badimalika for worship. Netra Raj Padhyay, the chief priest of the Badimalika temple, said that Doti’s team had to spend three days at the designated place to reach Badimalika from Bajura.

Badimalika Temple-Notes Nepal
Badimalika Temple Trek

In Badimalika, worship is performed on the day before Janapurnima. Thousands of devotees set out on a seven-day trek to reach Badimalika at an altitude of 4,216 meters above sea level. There is a belief that if you worship here, you will get the bridegroom you ask for. Tourists from all over the country also come here for the beautiful scenery.The journey starts from here on the day of Saun Shukla Paksha. A fair is held in Badimalika on July 12 to perform Mul Puja.

Pilgrims and tourists from inside and outside the district, government offices here and local tourists have left for Badimalika on Sunday morning under the leadership of Ganga Prasad Neupane. It is customary to stay in the designated place for 3 days to reach Badimalika. Pilgrims from Achham, Doti, Jumla and Calicut have also left for Badimalika for formal worship.

Badimalika Temple-Notes Nepal
Badimalika Temple

The pilgrimage to Badimalika has started from the district headquarters Martadi on Sunday. It is customary for pilgrims to depart from Martadi with a formal worship team three days before the fair.

Badimali in Kailashmadu VDC of Triveni Municipality Savik has an area of ​​special religious and tourist importance. Priest Padhyay said that the religious glory of Badimalika was enhanced by the belief that the requested gift would be fulfilled. According to the Skanda Purana, the left limb of Satyadevi had fallen on the Mallagiri mountain.

As Malika Devi originated in this place, Badimalika is considered to have been established as a major Shakti Peetha. The natural beauty of the temple area has further enhanced the importance of Badimalika. Domestic and foreign tourists visit Badimalik for the purpose of observing the beautiful tourist area.

Incomparable joy

22 Patan, Triveni and Khetibeti are the main attractions of Badimalika. At an altitude of about 14,000 feet, the greenery of the plains and the beauty of dozens of species of flowers blooming in the fields will make you experience the unique joy of nature in Badimalika. ‘Bigness is a rare gift of nature. After reaching here, you feel that all the hardships of life are gone, ‘said Triveni Municipality Mayor Rasingh Rawal.

The green plains, with the colorful flowers that bloom on them, look very charming and attractive. According to Rawal, various species of birds and animals including scarecrow, musk deer and deer can be found here. Bajura’s Triveni Municipality has a large area in the former Kailashmadai VDC. Fairs are held here in Gangadsahara and Janapurnima. In this place, white snow freezes in winter.

Adorable Nateshwari temple

Badimalika Temple-Notes Nepal
Badimalika Temple

The Nateshwari temple is naturally full in this place. There is a religious tradition that it is mandatory to visit Nateshwari temple after visiting Badimalika Mata. It is customary to worship in this temple twice a year. Worship is performed on the days of Chaite Ashtami and Janapurnima. More than 40,000 to 50,000 goats have been sacrificed in this temple.

Significant glory
Mayor of Triveni Municipality Rasingh Rawal said that Badimalika is a tourist destination. Its glory is very important among various Shakti Peeths. The Triveni Municipality is preparing to make proper arrangements for peace and security to manage the tourists and devotees who come to visit Badimalika and Badimalika Mata.

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