Sisno Plant : Medicinal Value Of Indigenous Plant


Sisno : Commercial farming has started after the sisnu, which was once used only as a bait for the wild boar, started to be used as a medicine. Cisno is used for high blood pressure, diabetes, and broken limbs in humans and animals. If cows and buffaloes can be fed sisnu kholo, milk will also increase. It can also be used as a vitamin for pregnant women .

As it is rich in vitamins, it is customary to eat it as a vegetable in the hilly areas. According to Deepa Magar, the plants found in the forest are not only a medicine but also a source of livelihood.The locals have to take up Sisnu farming commercially. They have set up Lekali Women’s Cisno Processing Center.

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A collection center has been set up in Rauta village municipality 5 to mobilize women from the poorest, single and Dalit communities.The Sisno Collection Center used to buy from the members at Rs 50 per kg. According to Chandra Kumari Rana Magar, secretary of the processing center, the collected sisnu will be dried at the center.

Sniffing should be kept in a damp place to protect it from sun and fire. Ganga Rana Magar says that the dried cisno can be used as medicine and vegetables. Most of the people who come to the homestay are looking for local food. Homestay operator Putra Bahadur Malla, who used to search for sisnu, kodo, maize and red rice, “Indigenous and foreigners who come here are looking for more local food.

Sisnu is the first choice. They are more indigenous when they come to the homestay, they often taste the sisno and when they return, they take the sisno flour, said the operator Malla. Most of the Nepali tourists who come here are more .Foreign tourists are increasingly demanding internet. foreigners who come here refuse to stay for a long time due to lack of such facilities.

“Nepali tourists do not demand much internet.”

Sisno: How tasty and healthy when consumed?

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Cisno, a food cooked in Kamai’s kitchen. In our country, cisno is called ‘food of sorrow’. The poor and miserable are said to have eaten the cistern of cisno and it is considered as a food to sustain life in times of scarcity. Cisno, once a staple, is now on the menu of five-star hotels. Not only that, this spicy food is attracting both taste and health.

Surprisingly, cisno is found everywhere in our neighborhood. Cheap and easy.On top of that, just as the food we eat is becoming more toxic now, Cisno doesn’t have that fear. Because cisneo is a purely non-organic product. No pesticides should be used in its production, no artificial storage is required

Sisno on the menu of a five star hotel

Cisno is also very popular in the menu of five star hotels in Nepal. It is also listed as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Outside the country it is used as soup, vegetable, tea, juice, medicine etc. Not only leaves but also its roots are useful. Cinnamon is delicious but also full of nutrition. However, we are despising the sniffing that is easily found in our village, forest.

How to eat ?

– Generally, it is customary to put Sisto in hot boiled water and cook it. In particular, it is cooked with salt, chilli, thyme powder, garlic and corn flakes.

– But, in foreign countries, onions, garlic, leeks, carrots, boiled stock and potatoes are cooked in butter. It is selected by blending. Finally add salt, pepper and cream and use as a natal soup.

– Sisnu tea is equally popular. It is also considered to be very healthy. It is consumed in the same way as green tea. And, it can also be drunk in the form of juice.

– Sisno powder is also available in supermarkets now for convenience. It can be used as soup or vegetable.

– Can also be used to make cisno flower soup. It is very tasty when eaten with rice or corn flakes.

Medicinal properties

sisno-Notes Nepal

– Cisno helps to cure heart related problems.

– It is also very useful for diabetics.

– Sisno is also fed to pregnant and lactating women. Sisno is considered to be very beneficial for them.

– Even if you have a problem with high blood pressure, it can be done by taking cisno. It helps control high blood pressure.

– Cisno also provides relief to people with prostate gland and bath problems.

– Sisno is considered very useful for skin and hair. It not only brightens the face but also helps to remove blemishes. It helps to make hair silky and prevents hair loss.

– Cisno plays an important role in the formation of new blood cells in the body. It also prevents DNA from decaying.

– Urinary tract infections are also beneficial when consuming cisno regularly.

– Cisno also helps in solving various allergy problems in the body.

– Even if you have to treat the problem of body pain, it can be done by using regular cisno from today.

Multipurpose Sisno

– The more cisno is cut, the more it grows, so even if you cultivate, you can reap the benefits. It can be sold abroad even from star hotels.

– As there is high demand for cisno for medicinal purposes, it can be exported abroad for economic gain.

– Research has shown that it is considered healthy not only for humans but also for animals. Feeding cows and buffaloes with sisno makes them healthy and also gives more milk.

– Egg production can be increased by feeding chickens with flowers and roots.

– Calcium, protein, vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, phosphorus and iron are found in cisno.


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