Homestay Nepal : Lamjung’s Kaulepani ‘Homestay’ In Tourist’s Choice


Homestay is the arrangement of a few rooms in one’s own house to accommodate the guests and to serve the local food in a clean manner. ]It  should provide the same services and facilities as in a hotel where guests are allowed to sleep in a maximum of four rooms. Kaulepani  in Lamjung is known as a model homestay in Nepal.

Hotels should be very clean and tidy and should be convenient for tourists from a safety point of view. Every bedroom should have clean and attractive and comfortable bedding, bed, mirror, 2 tables, 1 table, wardrobe and drinking water for the guests. The city market area should have phone and TV facilities. Homestay

Homestay - Notes Nepal

Apart from this, it is necessary to have the infrastructure mentioned in the homestay.

1. There should be at least one bedroom and at most four bedrooms and all sleeping should be adequate and comfortable.

2. All rooms should have furniture, electricity or other lighting. Homestay

3. All rooms should be decorated in a way that reflects Nepali art and culture.

4. Bathrooms and toilets should be provided with good and basic facilities and adequate supply of hot and cold water.

5. The dining room and kitchen should be clean and tidy.

6. There should be a good arrangement for washing clothes.

7. If the workers and employees are kept, their dress should be clean and uniform.

8. Fans or heaters should be arranged according to the season if possible.

9. There should be first aid.

Kaulepani is full of religious and natural beauty. So lately, many tourists have been choosing this . More than a dozen different mountains including Buddha, Manaslu, Lamjung and Annapurna can be seen from Kaulepani at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea levelHomestHomestay - Notes Nepal

HomestayHistoric Lamjung Durbar, Kaulepani Devi Temple, Kot, Fort, Gadhi are the other main attractions here. Tourists coming to the village are welcomed by the locals and when the tourists return, they say goodbye. The friendly warm hospitality of the locals makes the tourists eager to come back to the village again. Tourists come here to enjoy the religious and natural beauty and forget about the taste of ‘organic’ food.

They also enjoy the original culture. In Kaulepani, which has 25 households, 15 householIds have run  in a systematic manner. If the number of tourists in the village is more than 10, community and if less, family package has been arranged.


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