4 Thum And 700 Kolma : Attractive Tourists Destination In Syangya

4 Kolma

4 Thum and 700 Kolma

The villages around Bahakot in Kolha of Tanahu and Syangja were known as 4 Thum and 700 Kolma. Kolma Bahakot, Raipur, Oreste, Manakamana, Harinas and Pelkachaur were called 4 Thum. At the same time, Chitrebhanjyang and Girekot were connected. Kitchenas, Khairekot and Chisapani collaborated with 4 Thum.

The capital of Gandaki province, Located at a distance of 35 km from Pokhara ,Located at a distance of 35 km from Pokhara,  Syangja district has a lot of potential for tourism. Orkot, Kolma, Saldanda, Raipur, Bahakot, Maulakot of seven Sai households was called 700 Kolma. Kolma was the center of social, educational and sports.

4 Thum -Notes Nepal
4 Thum

At present, there are no sports activities to connect the villages. Once the city is chosen, there is no education center like before. Dozens of places in the district have been flooded with internal and external tourists, while a campaign is underway to attract tourists to many other places. Among the various places in Syangja, Kolma has also been a popular tourist destination in recent times.

Kolma is located in Putlibazar Municipality Ward No. 9, which is close to the border of Tanahu. Syangja can be reached in about 9 kilometers from Putlibazar Municipality, the district headquarters of Syangja, and Kolma can be reached in about 22 kilometers from Dulegauda in Tanahu. A gravel road has been constructed to reach Kolma. 4 Thum

Rental jeeps can be used to reach there. While some places in Syangja, which is close to Pokhara, are being covered, Kolma has been working for the promotion of tourism as a tourist destination lately. Kolma, which has a majority of Gurung, Magar, Brahmin and Chhetri communities, has traditional style houses, natural beauty of the village, organic food and typical homestays as the main tourist attractions.

Apart from this, the Kolmakot temple at Dada of Kolwa, the popular Ghatunach at Gurung Sumday, Gurung Salaijo, Jhora Sorathi, the Madal dance of the Magar community and the Chudka bhajan of the Brahmin community are also popular among the tourists. The Kolmakot temple in Kolma hosts fairs during festivals including Ward Dashain and Chaite Dashain. 4 Thum

In ancient times, the Kalika temple in Kolmakot was visited by locals from around 700 households, so there is a legend that this place is called 700 Kolma. From this Dada temple, one can also observe the districts including Syangja, Pokhara, Tanahu and Gorkha. Tourists will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of half a dozen mountains, including Machhapuchhre and Dhaulagiri.

Like other villages in Nepal, foreign employment, recruitment into the Indian and British armies, the Gulf and the lure of Europe and the United States are making the villages deserted. As the houses in the village become vacant, the culture and traditions of the village are disappearing. The land is becoming barren. 4 Thum

4 Thum -Notes Nepal
4 Thum And 700 Kolma

When the villagers go in search of employment and facilities, they do not come to 4 Thum and 700 Kolma as before. But now the villagers are determined to wake up the four thums and 700 kolmas, invite tourists to the village and introduce the new generation to their village. The locals have started trying to connect the villages around Kolma on how to bring tourists to the villages and highlight the historical and cultural aspects of the place.

With the efforts of the villagers, local people’s representatives, MPs and those living abroad are shaking hands. Locals are competing in cross country races to connect and promote the villages around Kolma. The competition titled ‘Race for Health, Race for Nation’ will be held on January 10, according to the organizers.

Locals are busy preparing for the 14-kilometer race and the 31-kilometer race for the under-21 runners. In the race starting from Ward No. 9 of Putlibazar Municipality, the runners will return to Kolma Barahachaur by beating Ward No. 8, Ward No. 11 of Shuklagandaki and Ward No. 4 of Biruwa Municipality. 4 Thum

Man Bahadur Thapa, general secretary of the forum, said that the villages around Kolma are waiting for the arrival of the country’s famous artist along with the cross country race. “We are engaged in a campaign to turn foreigners away from living in the city,” Thapa said. “This is just the beginning.

4 Thum -Notes Nepal
4 Thum And 700 Kolma

We are constantly engaged in the campaign to awaken the village.” Lal Bahadur Gurung, advisor of the forum and youth coordinator of NRN UK, said that the new generation was not only unaware of their own village, but also the history and their homeland were being forgotten. The forum, which is preparing for the competition, has held discussions with local level representatives and state parliamentarians .

Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Vikas Lamsal said that the state government would cooperate in such programs. Stating that the state government has set a target of attracting 2 million tourists by 2022, Lamsal said, “Don’t just focus on this event.” The government has introduced a grant program to promote homestays. We are looking for a new tourist destination. Come and prepare a master plan, let’s cooperate.

Race for tourism promotion

The ‘Cross Country Race’ competition organized for the promotion of tourism in Kolma in January last year has been effective and will continue this year as the popularity of Kolma has increased nationally and internationally. A group of people living in Pokhara, who were born and raised in Kolma, have been working tirelessly to make their village, which has potential for tourism, internationally known only in the country.

The competition was organized to attract national and international tourists to his hometown of Kolma and the surrounding tourist villages and places. The competition, which will be held in the naturally and culturally rich Kolma, will also help the government. All the villages in Kolma are deserted and some of the youths are from Lahure and some have gone abroad for employment.

The locals have started efforts to connect the villages around Kolma with the aim of attracting tourists to the villages and highlighting the historical and cultural aspects. In the cross country race competition with the participation of about 200 people, 31 km open and 14 km race has been conducted in two disciplines.

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