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sworgadwari -Notes Nepal
Sworgadwari:The Gateway To Heaven

Sworgadwari,Pyuthan Hindus believe that after visiting the seven dhams, one reaches heaven. Sworgadwari is the end point of a religious journey starting from Pashupatinath. According to the religion itself, Sworgadwari,

chum valley
Chum Valley : A Detail Description

Chum Valley Chum -valley The 2,400-kilometer-long Himalayan mountain range, which stretches from Bhutan, China, India and Nepal to Pakistan, has been cut apart by glaciers flowing from north to south.

Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu Valley : History & its origin

History Of Kathmandu Valley Until 1.5 million years ago, it was not a Kathmandu valley like it is now. Kathmandu Valley was a dense forest. If any human ancestor had

Places to visit if you are in Terai (state 2) :Nepal

 Visit Nepal (State 2).If you are in state 2 of Nepal or if you want to visit Nepal then these are the best place to be o .A few days

Everything you need to know about Lhotse

The fourth highest mountains in the world is Lhotse which is 8,516 m of height after MountEverest , Kanchanjunga ,K2 .Lhotse is considered as a south peak in Tibet .Lhotse

10 most cheapest hotel around Kathmandu

10.Traditional comfort -A boutique Hotel(NRP 10,000) Traditional comfort hotel is in kamal pokhari street ,krishna Pauroti which is in heart of kathmandu and easy location.They provide free wifi ,taxi service,provide

Everthing You Need to know about Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Massif lies in the north-center Himalayan of Nepal which is 8091 m of height from sea level. The massif is 55 kilometre and boubded by Kaligandaki Gorge , Marshyandi

Things to buy in Nepal

Nepal is one of the mountainous country which is diverse,multi-religious ,multi – ethnic where there is unity in diversity,rich in archaeology in which some of them carry hidden meaning.Nepal has

Everything you need to know about Manaslu

Manaslu is also called ‘Kutang’ which is the 8th highest peak in the world which is in the height of 8,163 m from the sea level . Manaslu refers to