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chitwan visit

Chitwan Visit : If you are thinking of visiting Chitwan, which is a tourist destination, there are many beautiful and attractive places here. After passing Muglin from Kathmandu, one can reach Chitwan after a journey of 165 kilometers by road. As it is not far from the capital, Chitwan is a good destination to get rid of noise, dust and smoke for a while.

Many may not know other areas in Chitwan except Sauraha. Not only Sauraha but also Meghauli, Sirai Chuli, Upardangadhi and Lamo Jharna are some of the places worth visiting. However, they have been left behind due to lack of easy roads to reach the area, says Surya Prakash Kharel, chairman of the Chitwan Tourism Journalists Forum.

Chitwan Visit -Notes Nepal
Chitwan Visit

The number of external tourists has not increased as expected despite the recent increase in the number of domestic tourists in Chitwan.
Currently, tourism in Chitwan is only seasonal, but with the development of some infrastructures, a large number of tourists can be attracted here all the year round.

The condition of the roads leading to the main tourist spot even within Chitwan was not good due to the bad condition of the Narayandha-Muglin road section. These are the main tourist destinations of Chitwan


Chitwan Visit -Notes Nepal
Chitwan Visit -Sauraha

The major tourist destination here is Sauraha, a major national park. Sauraha, located within 7 km from Mahendra Highway, has become the main destination for tourists visiting Chitwan. Cheap and expensive hotels are available here for tourists. Hoteliers say that there are 800 to 8,000 cheap rooms available in Sauraha for one night.

Sauraha, which had slowed down after the earthquake, is now gradually rising, said Rajendra Bhandari, manager of Chitwan Village Resort in Sauraha. After the Pohor Sal earthquake, the number of tourists came in insignificant. Now the number is gradually increasing,” he said.
The recently concluded festival also helped a lot in attracting tourists.

While staying in the homestay here, one can experience the culture and way of life of the Tharu and Darai communities. This area is also important for those who want to study as there is also an elephant breeding center. One of the rarest rhinos in the world is also attracting the attention of tourists. Tourists visit the park on foot (jungle walk), jeep safari and elephant safari to see the park’s animals, birds, wild plants.

Tourists from Nepal and SAARC countries have to pay Rs 1,600 and tourists from other countries have to pay Rs 1,800 for visiting the park through jeep safaris. Nepali tourists have to pay Rs 1,000 and foreign tourists have to pay Rs 1,600 for a jungle walk. Apart from this, 115 fees have been fixed for Nepali tourists, 850 for SAARC countries and 1695 for tourists from other countries.


Chitwan Visit -Notes Nepal
Chitwan Visit

After Sauraha, Meghauli is a place that gradually came to the notice of tourists. There are also well-equipped hotels. Dilip Mainali, chairman of the Chitwan Tourism Development Committee, says that Meghauli, which is about 35 km from Bharatpur Chaubisakothi, is a ‘virgin area’ for tourists.

Very few of the tourists coming to Chitwan go to Meghauli but from the tourist point of view, Meghauli also has good potential, ‘he said. The crocodile breeding center here is the main attraction .From here, elephant safaris, jeep safaris and jungle walks can be taken to Chitwan National Park. Meghauli tourism entrepreneur Ram Hari Kunwar informed that the fee is the same as that fixed for her husband Sauraha.

There is also a Tharu Homestay in Meghaurli where one can experience the lifestyle of the indigenous Tharu.


chitwan visit - Notes Nepal
chitwan visit

Siraichuli is the highest part of Chitwan. It is located at an altitude of about 1,942 meters above sea level. It falls in the hilly terrain of Chitwan. From here you can see a wonderful sunrise. According to Mainali, chairman of the Chitwan Tourism Development Committee, Bharatpur and Narayangarh can be seen from here when the sky is clear.

To reach Siraichuli, trekking can be done from Hudikhola of Dhading and Shaktikhor of Chitwan. After trekking for 5-6 hours from Hudikhola, you can reach the foot of Sirai Chuli. There one can study the lifestyle of Chepang and Giripuri castes. The next morning, after walking from Fedi to Sirachuli at 4 o’clock, you can see the sunrise at 5:30. Kharel claims that the view from here is no less than the sunrise seen from Darjeeling.

Another feature here is that you can see the beautiful red flowers blooming in the season. Although this place has a lot of potential from a tourist point of view, those who want to travel by vehicle are compelled to trek due to lack of good road system.


chitwan visit

Upardangadhi is a historical site of Chitwan. It is also the former headquarters of Chitwan. This fort was built by Deb Bhanjan Shah, the grandson of Bahadur Shah during the war with the British. The fort is known as a historical site as it was a high place to defeat the British during the war.

This place has a lot of potential from the point of view of archeological tourism. A very good sunset can be seen from here. To get here, you have to walk an hour and a half from Shaktikhor in Chitwan. There are Chepang and Magar homestays in Upardangadhi. Guests are warmly welcomed here, reflecting the Magar culture, rituals and costumes.

Lamo Jharana

The long waterfall located at Jalbire, 5 km away from Muglin, has also become a tourist attraction. This is the longest waterfall here. Earlier it was not taken care of but now it has been developed as a tourist destination. Although the number of domestic tourists coming here is sufficient, it seems that international tourists have not taken the initiative yet.

However, the Long Waterfall Tourism Development Committee has been formed for its development recently.Tourists flock here, especially in the summer season. Tourists enjoy the water of the waterfall.

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