Meditation :You can meditate while walking, can’t you?

Meditation by Walking

Meditation : What image does the word meditation form in your mind? Isn’t he sitting with his eyes closed? But, meditation is not the only thing. There are many methods of meditation. One of them is the meditation done on foot. That is the meditation done on foot, Chakraman. This is meditation done by walking carefully.

Rajneesh Osho discusses this method, which was started by Gautama Buddha 2500 years ago, in his book Deep Water Penetration. While discussing the Bodhi tree, he mentioned that the Buddha meditated on the tree for many years. In the 26th chapter of the book, he writes, “Bodh Gaya is not valuable, it is a valuable Bodhi tree.”

Meditation -Notes Nepal
Meditation by Walking

The Buddha has been circling under that Bodhi tree for years. The entire footprint of the Buddha is kept there. If the Buddha was tired of meditating, he would walk near the tree. He would go around for hours. ‘Even non-Buddhists are now paying close attention to the former Buddhist monks or nuns.

Vipassana Dhyana Kendra in Sanobharyang, Kathmandu, people are attracted to this meditation as it enhances memory and is physically beneficial. The method in Dharmachakra Pravartan Sutra Desana, his followers started following this method. Dharmachakra Pravattran Sutra is also considered as the first Dharmadesana.

Chakraman meditation can be done either by walking in a circle or by walking straight. While meditating on this, man should focus his attention on his feet. In the beginning, you have to measure a certain distance of how far a person can walk. The distance should not be too much or too little. You can practice by measuring the right distance, You should keep your spine and head straight while walking.

And when you walk, you should not look at your eyes. You should look four feet ahead of yourself, not upside down. In the same way, when walking, you should walk slowly with your right hand on your stomach or behind your left hand. ”According to Guruma, there are three ways to walk. At first, the knees slowly move forward, one after the other. When walking, you should pay attention to which leg is moving forward.

In the second method, only one leg is activated at a time. For example, one leg is raised and the other leg is kept steady. When lifting one leg and keeping it forward, it should be extended at least twice.In the third method, you have to pay attention three times. The first is to lift the foot, the second is to move the foot forward, and the third is to touch the ground at three times.

It happens a little slower than the second. Guruma says, “This meditation is not learned just by reading or listening. You have to try to learn. ”According to Vodhigyan Mahasthavira, the deputy chief monk of the World Peace Monastery, Min Bhavan, when you meditate in the beginning, your legs get shaky, sleepy and painful. But she insists that she be patient.

“The human mind is like a monkey. It keeps bouncing or fidgeting. “People keep moving their legs and heads when they are in pain, even when they are meditating,” he says. If you keep on running, the mind will not be able to concentrate. If you endure pain and suffering, it will gradually decrease. After a while, it doesn’t hurt. So we have to focus on building confidence and goals. ”

Concentrated meditation can also be a way to remember the past or worry about the future. However, Mahasthavira urges to stay focused in the present while meditating. It gives satisfaction, Mahasthavira says that just as clean water and air are needed to keep life healthy, meditation is needed to keep the mind clean. He says, “Let’s meditate for an hour a day. It benefits the mind as well as the body. ”

The benefits of circular meditation

Meditation -Notes Nepal

1. Increases blood flow

It is better for a person who stays for a long time to adopt chakra meditation. Because sitting for a long time can reduce blood flow in the human body. Meditation helps to increase blood flow in the body. It helps to reduce feelings of laziness and stability.

2. Improves digestion

Walking after eating helps digest food. This is also a great way to digest food if you feel full or indigestible after eating. The body moves as it meditates while walking. Who does not allow constipation.

3. Reduces anxiety

This is great if you are looking for ways to reduce stress. As the mind concentrates on the feet while walking, the amount of anxiety decreases.

4. Balances blood sugar levels

A 2016 study found that people who meditate on the cycle had a balanced blood sugar level, according to a Healthline report. The study, conducted between conventional walkers and cyclists, found that those who practiced circular meditation had a balanced blood sugar level.

5. Reduces depression

It is important to be active in any work. Regular exercise increases fitness levels as well as improves mood. According to a 2014 study, even the most common symptoms of depression in the elderly go away after this cycle of meditation. They meditated three times a week for 12 weeks. It also increased their fitness level and balanced their blood pressure.

6. Sleep well

You don’t have to work hard to meditate or exercise. According to a study conducted in 2019, those who meditated had better sleep. Studies have shown that walking solves muscle problems and makes you feel better physically.

7. Inspires creative work

This meditation helps to increase the memory capacity as well as to have time to think while meditating, which helps in creative work.

8. Increases balance

A study of older women in 2019 found that when they walked around meditating, they felt more balanced in their legs. In the same way, they felt that the feet would be alert as they would bring the mind or consciousness to the feet while walking.


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