Foksundo Lake: A Mythical Lake In West Part Of Nepal

Foksundo Lake

Foksundo Lake: Really amazing

After watching Eric Valley’s film ‘Caravan’, the longing to reach Foksundo Lake had settled in the mind of the rower. Although I thought a lot, only recently I got the opportunity to observe the deepest lake in Nepal.

Dolpa is the largest district in Nepal. Even though the road network has recently touched down, the only reliable way to get here is by air. The journey starts from Nepalgunj to Jufal by plane, on foot. Due to lack of time, which is usually a three-day trek, we did it in two days.

Foksundo Lake -Notes Nepalp
Foksundo Lake

Blue in a moment, pale blue in a moment. The color of the water is changing in Foksundo Lake. The depth of the lake is 650 meters. Another feature of Foksundo is that there are no animals in the lake.

The waterfall that rises from Lake Foksundo is also the largest waterfall in Nepal. It is also called Foksundo waterfall. The beauty of Lake Foksundo, located at an altitude of 3,660 meters above sea level, was brought to the world by Eric Valley through a caravan film. For this reason, more than half of the tourists visiting Hola Dolpa are French. Similarly, Amrit Gurud’s ‘Sa Karnali’ has also explained the beauty of Dolpa.
There is Rigmo village near Foksundo Lake, where there are hotels for tourists to stay. However, the unorganized construction of hotels in Rigmo village seems to be affecting the beauty of the lake. The footpath to Foksundo Lake was also blocked by falling trees in some places. It needs to be properly managed immediately.

The roads are very narrow in some places of the footpath. As mules and tourists walk on the same road, it is very dirty and tourists have to suffer due to dust.

How to reach!

Foksundo Lake -Notes Nepal
Foksundo Lake

The journey starts after the plane journey from Nepalgunj to Jufal, on foot. On the first day of the trek, it takes about four hours to reach Dolpa’s headquarters Dunai from Jufal Airport. On the second day, he slipped away. On the third day, the waterfall from Chhepka. On the fourth day, we reach Rigmo village near Foksundo Lake from the waterfall.

Dolpa district is very rich not only in natural beauty but also culturally, religiously and historically. However, the beauty of Dolpa has not been able to attract tourists as much as it has gained fame.

Foksundo Lake is not only the pride of Dolpa but also the pride of the country. However, the state and the locals have not been able to make good use of it. Due to lack of adequate publicity, tourists are failing to attract tourists. Necessary attention has not been paid to the construction of necessary infrastructure.

Infrastructure is not an easy way to reach the lake. Even after reaching the lake, there is no footpath for tourists to walk around.

It is necessary to form a separate committee for the protection of the lake and the area. It is also necessary to provide training to the hotels along the footpath.

The state should pay due attention to the development of Dolpa as it has a different geography and cultural identity than other districts. Most importantly, the state had to spend the money collected from tourists visiting Dolpa in the same place.

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