Ruru Kshetra : A Sacred Place Of Pilgrimage Since Ancient Times

Ruru Kshetra

Ruru Kshetra Introduction

A sacred place of pilgrimage since ancient times Ruru Kshetra  (Ridi) known as Gulmi Palpa and Syangja is the confluence of the district. From Butwal, the commercial capital of western Nepal .This area is located about 70 kilometers north .Gulmi is the gateway to the district. This sea surface .It is located at an altitude of 1800 feet. From all sides.

Since there is flat land in the middle of the hill surrounded by hills . Its natural texture looks like a valley. Butwal to Kathmandu by road
You can come through Tansen. Everyone come here .Types of private and rented vehicles .Can be found Also when coming by air . Coming from Bhairahawa Airport via Butwal .

Ruru Kshetra -Notes Nepal
Ruru Kshetra

It can be done. Sure . Roads, communications, electricity, hotels, education and It has all the facilities including entertainment .The place has become accessible. This place is located on the coast of Kaligandaki .In 18 years, the floodwaters receded . The market was completely destroyed.

Whose The reason is the historical and religious here . Loss of large sums of money, including valuable assets .Had happened.New ones made after the Great Depression . Houses, temples, pavilions, pavilions and gardens do it . Make the place manageable as well as its
Beauty has also been added. Of Kaligandaki .

Mahima Purana of Ruru Kshetra located on the shore .And is mentioned in the scriptures. Barah In the Puranas, the mythological history of the Ruru Kshetra  .It has been described, but the same is true in Sriswasthani . The tooth fall of Sati Devi at the place (Bhirgutungeshwar) .Has been mentioned. Four religious areas of Nepal :

(Ruru Kshetra, Barahkshetra, Pashupatkshetra and Muktikshetra) One of them is Rurukshetra. To this place Also known as Benaras of Nepal.
Foreign Scholar Percival Landon Says ‘Nepal’ .All available in Benaras in the book titled . Since the features match the Ruru Kshetra
Compared to Benaras, it is called ‘Banaras of Nepal’

Shaligram is considered to be the symbol of Lord Bishnu Can also be found here. So this area is also known as Shalagram area. Here
Rare of wheels and various shapes Shaligrams are found. Similarly here throughout the year .There are many fairs. Mainly here .Maghe Sankranti three days and Rishikesh festival 2.

There is a splendid fair during the day. Of here .Maghe Sankranti Mela is one of the largest in the country .It is a fair. As well as year-round ounces, full moons, eclipses and Big here every Saturday in the month of Baishakh. Within a cellular are There are more than 40 temples here
Is a great feature of the region.

Rishikesh here .The temple is one of the most famous temples in Nepal Which is considered for the World Heritage List .It has even been nominated. This is the seat of Lord Rishikesh, The flow of Kaligandaki and Shaligram .Of three-dimensional characteristics such as availability
Due to the confluence, the Ruru area is very religious.

The identity is formed. This area is a religious place .Not only this, he is also the main trader of this region . It is also the focal point. It has been around since ancient times . Gulmi, Palpa, Syangja, Arghakhanchi, Baglung, Rukum and Rolpa and other surrounding areas . It has been the business hub of the people .

Is Even before road transport was facilitated here .People carry themselves and donkeys .Used to transport goods through .Vote in ancient times, Nepal Valley and Madhes .This place was suitable for coming and going. Going through this place which is the entrance of Gulmi district Arghakhanchi, Baglung and Syangja districts Road transport is connected. Currently the country is extreme .

Ruru Kshetra -Notes Nepal
Ruru Kshetra

Waste here in the face of the energy crisis 2.4 MW of electricity from the river water .By producing this area load shedding free .The area is created. Another feature here .That is the historical aspect. In history, Palpali king Manimukunda Sen, Bhimsen Thapa, Jung Bahadur Rana and
Being the main destination of kings and emperorsIs told.

Also Bhimsen Thapa in this place .They have even built a temple and a pavilion. Similarly .Shri 3 Juddha Shamsher Rana Kalpabas in this area
Had come to live. To live in the same fantasy For sponsorship, he built a palace in Argali Were made which still exists today.

“Ruru Kshetra ” is the mythological name of this place. It is also called redi zone.  A lot today about how the nomination was done There are differences between individuals. Ruru means The deer breastfed the daughter of the sage Devadatta Because she was raised, she was called Rurukanya. The same virgin here is liberated by hard penance .

This place is named after the same girl .It is believed that it became known as ‘Ruru Kshetra’. Later, the word Ruru Kshetra ‘ was corrupted to ‘Ridi Kshetra’ It is believed that he has gone. Various religious about Ruru area There are beliefs. Three people are born
Debt: 1. Debt, 2. Father debt and 3. Sage borrowed

Has come The person flowing from the Himalayas .The confluence of the coming Kali Gandaki i.e. The sin of the person who bathes in Dobhan .This place is believed to be washed .The word debtor came to mean debtor .The notion that it has become ‘redi’ by upbringing
Is found.

Similarly, according to another belief, the word ‘ready’ It comes from the Magar language. In the Magar language ‘Ri’ means black and ‘D’ means water I think that means. That is, black water flows .As it is an area (Kali Gandaki), it is called ‘Reedy’. It is argued that it is said. Named Devdatta in Ruru Kshetraa long time ago .

A Brahmin lived there. He is from Kaligandaki .He built an ashram on the bank and started doing penance. Seeing that he was engaged in very severe penance, Devraj Indra is skeptical towards breaking his penance Seemed. Accordingly, he went to Devdatta’s ashram
Apsara named Prahmalocha broke her penance

When Devdatta came out of his meditation for some time .He started walking around, then he started wandering from a distance .To the very beautiful Prahmalocha who played .See Muni is fascinated by the nymph’s gesture .Happened Married to her beauty .He proposed and both of them got married .They vanished into worldly pleasures.

After a while, Prahmalocha gave a girl .To give birth After that he achieved his goal .Considering that it was completed, the girl was taken to the same ashram .Left and went to heaven.


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