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(December 11) is the birthday of the mystic philosopher Rajneesh i.e. Osho. It has been 27 years since his death. He was born in 1931. He was born in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India. At birth, his name was Chandra Mohan Jain. As a child, he became interested in philosophy.

He completed his studies in Jabalpur. He later taught at Jabalpur University. He gave lectures on religion and ideology all over the country. He used to impress people because of his attractive personality. Along with the discourse, he also organized a meditation camp. Initially, he was also known as Acharya Rajneesh.



After leaving his job, he started a new retirement movement. He then named himself Osho. He lived in the United States from 1981 to 1985. There he founded an ashram in Oregon. The ashram was spread over 65,000 acres. His immigration to the United States has been controversial. Expensive watches, Rolls Royce cars, designer clothes, he was always in the news.

In Oregon, His disciples wanted to register his monastery as a city called Rajneeshpuram, but the locals opposed it. Then he returned to India. After returning to India, he returned to his ashram in the Karegaon Park area of ​​Pune. He died on January 19, 1990.

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After his death, Osho’s disciples took control of the Pune Ashram. The property of the ashram is believed to be worth crores of rupees and there is a dispute among the disciples for this.

Gokul Gokani, the doctor who issued his death certificate, remained silent for a long time about the cause of his death. He later broke the silence and said that the death certificate was signed by giving false information.



Dr. Gokani also questions the timing of his death. Gokani also says that Osho’s disciples pressured him to write a heart attack because of his death. (Discussion of giving him chemical poison in America
Also works.)

The death of any saint was celebrated in his ashram. But within an hour of Osho’s death, his funeral was announced and his Nirvana celebration was shortened.



His mother who also lived in the ashram. Neelam, who had become Osho’s secretary, later spoke in an interview about the mystery surrounding his death. The news of his  demise also delayed his mother
Was given. As Neelam claimed in an interview, the mother kept saying for a long time, ‘Son, they killed you.’

The inscription on his tomb in Pune also shows the importance of him : ‘Never born, never died. He came to earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990.

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