Supa Deurali Temple : History You Need To Know About Supa Deurali

Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple is one of the places of pilgrimage in Nepal. Supa Deurali temple is the identity of Arghakhanchi district. The rock is made of rock from all sides and is located in the middle of the green hills. The Supa Temple is full of religious, cultural and natural beauty. It is believed that Mother Deurali fulfills the demands of the devotees who come here to visit with a clean, pure heart.

It was established in the year 2042. There is a man-like shadow on a large rock near the temple. It is said that Supa Deurali was dragged to Lahure by her mother. This hill is called Lahure Tasiyo Bhir. The days when sacrifices are not offered in this temple are Ekadarshi Aushi Ram Navami Rishi Panchami Shibaratri Ashtatrrtiya Shrikrushna Ashtami.

Supa Deurali Temple (Notes Nepal )
Supa Deurali Temple

The Supa temple is very beautiful to look at. Later, during the construction of the road, a new cave was found at the confluence of the rivers near the temple. From the outside of the cave, even though it is normal, various artistic scenes like Shiva Ling and Ganesh can be seen inside. The Supa Deurali temple is considered to be a symbol of the faith of the entire village, including those who show goodwill towards Deurali by offering two flowers and stones. Goddess who fulfills the desires of those who commute on the Sandhikharka-Gorusinge highway. There is a tradition of taking vows in times of grief and offering what one has said to Supa Deurali after the vows have been fulfilled.

There are six temples in Khanchikot located in Sandhikharka Municipality-7, Arghakhanchi District. Vows can be taken on days other than Ekadashi, Aunsi and Purnima in the temple located between the two tall Mahabharatas of Narpani and Phalame. Especially on Saturdays, there is a crowd of people taking vows.

Cannoning in the waterfall behind the Supa Deurali temple, bungee jumping in the cold river and paragliding on the hill above the temple.

Naturally, the temple area is also charming. The cascading waterfalls and the roaring of the river to the east of the temple captivate the travelers. From the temple premises, mountains, hills and plains can be seen simultaneously.

Due to this temple, domestic tourism is increasing in Arghakhanchi. Supa Deurali, which is on the way to Sandhikharka from Gorusinge of Kapilvastu, has been the choice of domestic tourists in the surrounding districts.

The exact date of the origin of the temple is not known. However, the well-organized temple of the goddess was built in 2042 BS. It is a pleasure to walk around the temple with the water flowing and the bell ringing.

It looks like a miracle to see the temple standing on the side of a paved road and on the head of a terrible rock. The temple has a resting place and drinking water facility. There are also snack shops and hotels nearby.

Supa Deurali has an interesting legend. During the reign of twenty-two and twenty-four kings, it was decided to establish a marital relationship with the prince of Khanchikot and the princess of Bharat Balrampur. On the way back to Arghakhanchi with the bride on the day of Lagan, a plan will be made to feed a feast to the people on the way. There was a dispute between the people when the king of Khanchikot got married by cheating during the banquet and the caste of the bride was mentioned.

Even if there is a dispute like Jay at the party, the bridegroom has to be taken to Khanchikot. On the way, a little bit of blood started dripping from the cupboard carrying the bride. The bridegroom looked at the bridegroom in amazement. And all the people are sad. Khanchikot is mourning the death of the bride.

Supa Deurali Temple -Notes Nepal )
Supa Deurali Temple

Diseases started appearing in the village from the next day. Even people are dying in the village. Everyone is terrified. There is a lot of commotion in the village like Dhamijhankri and Jokhana. At that time, a jhankri said that the image of the princess goddess brought by marriage had arisen and it would continue like this in the village till the time of worshiping her.

After that, when the villagers took the bride, they came to Bhanjyang, the place where a little blood fell from the cup, and worshiped with an idol of Supadeurali.

The temple is becoming a center of religious faith, and its income has brought relief to the educational sector as well. A dozen teachers of two schools in Arghakhanchi are paid from the temple offerings.

A conservation committee was formed in 2040 BS after Baburam Rayamajhi of Arghakhanchi built a simple temple at the place where worship is done on the full moon day of Baisakhe. The temple, which has been a place of worship ever since, was later rebuilt. Srinarayan Baba, a resident of Arghakhanchi, made a significant contribution to this. Born in Arghakhanchi, he rebuilt the temple at a cost of Rs 10 million through Baba Ashram Seva Sanstha Matatirtha. The ordinary temple covered with zinc sheets has been artistically rebuilt.

The temple is becoming a center of religious faith, and its income has brought relief to the educational sector as well. A dozen teachers of two schools in Arghakhanchi are paid from the temple offerings. Five teachers of Adarsh ​​Secondary School in Khanchikot and seven teachers of Shanti Lower Secondary School in Sitapur are paid from the temple’s income.

Visits to the temple are made daily from two thousand five hundred to ten thousand. About 75 percent of the donations go to the school, while the remaining 25 percent is used to manage the temple. From the gift, financial assistance, scholarships and assistance to the poor have been provided. Similarly, assistance has been provided in Sitapur and Khanchikot for drinking water and road expansion.

Supa Deurali Temple -Notes Nepal )
Supa Deurali Temple

Apart from the priest, there are two members of the management committee, five assistants and one watchman in the temple. The temple management committee has decided to build a hospice. However, the work has not started as the required funds could not be raised.

Supa Deurali can be developed as a natural, religious and adventure destination. There is a possibility of adventure sports activities in the temple area. The possibility of cannoning in the waterfall behind the temple, bungee jumping in the cold river and paragliding in the hill above the temple have been studied.


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