Kalinchowk Dolakha : Snow Fun For The Non Risk Takers ,Dolakha


Kalinchowk Dolakha : With the start of the tourism year, the religious and natural tourist area of ​​Dolakha, Kalinchowk , has seen an influx of internal and external tourists playing in the snow.

With the heavy snowfall in the upper part of Dolakha for the past few days, the number of tourists playing snow in Kalinchowk Dolakha has started increasing. After the snowfall, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists come to Dolakha daily to play in the snow. Kalinchok is the first choice of most tourists visiting the district. Most of the tourists come to Dolakha for the purpose of going to Kalinchowk Dolakha, enjoying the snow and taking a cable car.

Kalinchowk  Dolakha -Notes Nepal
Kalinchowk Dolakha

The number of tourists of Indian origin is increasing in the Kalinchowk Dolakha area, which is being developed as a tourist destination for playing snow. Dawa Lama, a tourism entrepreneur, said that the number of tourists of Terai and Indian origin is increasing in the Kalinchok area due to the easy road connection with the capital Kathmandu and the Terai.

Due to its short distance from the Terai and its proximity to Kathmandu, thousands of domestic tourists visit the Kalinchowk Dolakha area daily from the capital alone. Tourists say that they reach Kalinchok in the scenic area of ​​Dolakha in the Himalayan district to visit Kalinchok Bhagwati and play in the snow.

At present, more than 1,500 tourists enter the Kalinchowk Dolakha area daily, said Hari Wali, manager of Hotel Sunpati in Kalinchok. There are about 100 well-equipped hotels in the Kuri area targeting tourists. Entrepreneur Wali said that the hotel is operating in a way that 3,500 to 4,000 tourists can be easily managed in the Kalinchok area alone targeting the demand of tourists.

He said that all the hotels have been booked for a week. Even though all the hotels were booked, the vehicles could not reach Kuri from below 5 km due to heavy snowfall. Even the hotels in Charikot are overcrowded due to the snow making it difficult to reach Kuri. Sonam Sherpa, a local hotelier, said that drinking water was the biggest problem in Kalinchowk Dolakha after the snowfall. He also said that arrangements have been made by bringing water from the tanker.

After reaching Charikot by road traffic of 133 km from the capital Kathmandu, Kalinchowk Dolakha can be reached by crossing a distance of 17 km. Indian tourists come to Dolakha for religious beliefs and to play in the snow. As the third cable car of Nepal is also operating in Kalinchok, tourists can reach Kalinchok for entertainment from the cable car in the Himalayan region.

It has been snowing continuously for the past few days and more than three feet of snow has frozen around the Kuri and Kalinchok temples. At an altitude of 3,842 meters, it snows from Pus to Phagun. As it always snows in winter, tourists come to Kalinchowk Dolakha for skiing. From this area, along with the snow, one can observe various areas including Gaurishankar Himal, Rolling Hills.

Kalinchowk  Dolakha -Notes Nepal
Kalinchowk Dolakha

According to the Shailung Municipality, the number of tourists coming to play in the snow has also increased in Shillong, which has 100 hills along with the snowfall in the district. Similarly, the pressure of domestic tourists playing snow is increasing in Kharidhunga, Chyordung, Khawa, Dandge Danda and other areas of the district.


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