Gorkha Durbar : History You Need To Know About Gorkha Durbar

Gorkha Durbar

Gorkha Durbar, which was damaged due to the 2072 BS earthquake, is under construction. Although the adjoining Gorakhkali temple was damaged by the earthquake, its construction has not started as an adjoining palace is being constructed. As the construction work of the palace is going on, construction materials are also scattered here and there.

Even in such a situation, the number of visitors and tourists visiting the Gorkha Durbar area and the Gorakhkali temple here has not decreased. Haribabu Aryal, a priest of the Gorakhkali temple, said that there was no shortage of visitors to the Gorakhkali temple due to their great faith and belief. According to him, visitors from different parts of the country have been coming to the Kalika temple believing that their aspirations will be fulfilled.

Gorkha Durbar -Notes Nepal
Gorkha Durbar

Worship is held from 10 am to 3 pm in this temple, especially in Baradshah and Chaitedshahin. Rameshwar Kattel, Information Officer at Gorkha Durbar Care Center, said that the glorious history of Nepal started from Gorkha Durbar and tourists used to come from different parts of the country every day. He said that even though many structures were damaged due to the earthquake, tourists used to come here saying that it was the place of faith in Gorakhkali temple and the beginning of Nepal’s glorious history.

Shyam Prasad Pant of Nepalgunj Khajura said that he came to Gorkha Durbar with the desire to visit this place once as it is a place of pride in Nepali history. He said that he was very proud to see the security personnel deployed in the Gorakhkali temple premises with uniforms and weapons with the aim of passing on the history of the Prithvinarayan Shah period to the next generation.

“Security guards dressed in chic black daurasuruwal, khukuri on the waist, chandtoda on the head, a loaded gun in the hand, how suitable it is,” he added. He said that this place has its own significance because King Prithvinarayan Shah envisioned the whole of Nepal from this palace.

Anyone who comes here with a security guard dressed as Prithvinarayan Shah is wearing a photo. Another attraction of the Gorkha Durbar is the security personnel with Prithvinarayan period attire and weapons. Kattel, an information officer at Gokhara Durbar Hercha Adda, said that it was believed that it would be easier for the tourists to get information about the history of Nepal’s unification and experience some of it.

Stating that the bravery of the army during the unification of Nepal made him known as Bir Gorkhali in the country and abroad, Kattel said that keeping the army in the uniform of that time would enliven the history. The Gorkha Durbar, which was damaged due to the Gorkha earthquake and aftershocks, is currently under reconstruction.

Gorkha Durbar -Notes Nepal
Gorkha Durbar

The historic Gorkha Durbar, built in 1686 BS during the reign of the then King Ram Shah of Gorkha, was destroyed by an earthquake. Reconstruction work has been started from the ground up as the 400-year-old palace was damaged.According to Hari Prasad Bhusal, head of Gorkha Durbar Care Center, the palace is of archeological importance and is being reconstructed in its old form keeping in view its history, dignity and importance.

Places including Gorkhanath Temple, Srividya Temple, Chaughera Durbar and Damai Patil in the Durbar area have been repaired. Reconstruction of the Kalika temple adjacent to the palace could not be started due to lack of space to store construction materials and the reconstruction of the temple will be started as soon as the reconstruction of the palace is completed.

The quake damaged Pashupati temple, Guhyeshwari temple, Vidya temple, Chaughera Durbar built during the reign of Prithvipati Shah, Sheetalpati, Damainpati playing the city of Gorakhnath, Panditpati inviting priests in Baradshah.

Chief Bhusal informed that the reconstruction work of the Gorkha Durbar area, which is spread over an area of ​​more than 500 hectares, is gradually increasing as the cultural and historical structures of the area have been damaged due to the earthquake. Along with the Gurkha palace, the Gurkha Museum, which houses every aspect of the history of the Gurkha kingdom, is another attraction here. The museum is located at the foot of the hill where the Gorkha Durbar is located.

Tourists are eager to take photos of the two cannons built in 1792, which are decorated at the main entrance of the museum. The introductory room of the Shah kings of Gorkha, horoscope room, arms room, flower sentence room, religious and economic room etc. kept inside the museum have attracted the tourists.

Similarly, the artistic rental room, Licchavi Chaitya room, religious instrument room, garden etc. in the museum have been attracting tourists. Among the tourists visiting the museum, the entrance fee is Rs 100 for foreigners, Rs 25 for the general public and Rs 10 for students, said Kopila Devkota.


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