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Talpokhari : Most of the people who come to visit Palpa Rampur reach Talpokhari. Few people return to the lake without a boat. The lake is now the first choice and tourist destination of the tourists. Although it is small in size, it has succeeded in attracting tourists in a short period of time.

The presence of domestic tourists coming to Talpokhari after hearing and watching the news in various media is increasing day by day. Sudip Bhandari, who set out on a journey from Butwal to Galyang, did not want to return to his destination without visiting Talpokhari once. He said that he experienced Fewatal while riding a boat in Talpokhara.

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“Once the discussion about Talpokhara started, I couldn’t believe it. I found it very beautiful to visit Talpokhari area. It will be a strong pillar of tourism development in Rampur area,” he said.

He said that the arrangement of attracting foreign tourists besides domestic tourists would also help in economic prosperity. Since the beginning of Dashain festival, the activity of walking around the lake has been increasing. According to Bhagwan Devkota, a boatman, about 400 people board the boat daily due to the festive season.

“As it is the time of Dashaintihar festival, more tourists have come than other times. We have also got work to do,” he said. After drying and maintaining the water of the lake for three months, the beauty of the lake has changed.

A 550-meter fence of Talpokhari premises, a 205-meter iron bar in the temple premises of Jaleshwar Mahadev in the middle of the lake and two parks have been constructed in the temple premises.

The Rampur Municipality has provided Rs. 2 million and the Nepal Tourism Board has provided Rs. 2 million for the upgrade. The committee has stated that the repair work worth Rs. 4.5 million has been completed and the remaining work of Rs. 1.25 million is still pending. About 30 million rupees has been spent on tourism development of Talpokhari so far.

Talpokhari -Notes Nepal

Sagar Prasad Devkota, chairman of the Talpokhara Conservation Committee, said that the development of Talpokhari as a tourist destination has enhanced the identity of not only Rampur Municipality but also the Kaligandaki Venshi area.

“The number of tourists has increased since the beginning of September. Two boats are plying regularly in the morning and afternoon,” he said. Rs 50 per person ticket has been fixed. You can go around the lake by boat and return after visiting the temple of Jaleshwar Mahadev in the middle of the lake. Some return happily to the park on the temple grounds for hours.

After the construction of the selfie zone in Talpokhari, a crowd of people has started taking photos. As there is not enough water from local streams, canals and streams, water has been managed by lifting from nearby Kaligandaki. The boat operation has provided employment opportunities to the locals.

The daily income from boats is around Rs 5,000. After deducting all the expenses, the monthly income from the boat is Rs. 135,000. Secretary of the Talpokhari Conservation Committee Sunil Devkota says that the income may increase this year as compared to the previous year.

The locals have developed Talpokhara as a tourist area as it is a reservoir for collecting rain water. Spread over an area of ​​about 70 ropanis, this area used to be a reservoir of water, but now it has become a fast-growing source of income. According to Devraj Devkota, the founding chairman, the tourism development work has been started from 2066 BS by collecting some income from the Mahayagya. Domestic tourists from different districts from east to west return here after observing.

At a glance, the tourist area, which gives a glimpse of Pokhara’s Fewatal, is becoming a tourist attraction in Rampur’s Talpokhara. Anyone who comes to Rampur goes to see the lake. The pond that collects water during the rainy season in Rampur Municipality-6 has been developed and turned into a lake giving a glimpse of the fewatal.

The Talpokhari area has been developed by some local youths as a tourist area and now it has become a tourist destination in Rampur.

The number of people coming here to observe and enjoy in the morning, afternoon and evening is increasing now. The lake, which covers an area of ​​about 70 ropanis, was earlier a water storage pond. If it is developed and promoted, it has succeeded in developing Rampur as a tourist area by envisioning it to be a pillar for the tourism future of Rampur, said Devraj Devkota, a visionary and chairman of the Lake Conservation Committee.

According to Chairman Devkota, it has become famous as a tourist destination by raising funds by conducting Mahayagya for the tourism development of Talpokhara with the help of the people of Rampur.

“In the future, Talpokhari will be the backbone of Rampur for tourism promotion like Pokhara’s Fewatal,” he said. Currently, the number of domestic tourists visiting here is increasing. He said that more than 100 domestic tourists visit the Talpokhara area daily.

Since 2066 BS, the work of tourism promotion has been started here. At present, a temple has been set up in the middle of the lake as a reflection of the lake.

Accountant of the committee Purushottam Dhakal informed that the work of wall around the temple in the middle of the lake, management of the pond, entrance for worship at three places on the side of the temple, drainage for water management in the lake, construction of park, marriage, fasting, arrangement of forest feast and entrance of the pond have been completed. So far, work worth Rs. 11 million has been completed here.

Talpokhari -Notes Nepal

Dhakal said that they are preparing to start the operation of the boat after managing the water in a long-term manner. He said that the remaining work will be completed within the next two years.

For the promotion of tourism in v, Rampur Municipality has allocated Rs. 100,000 for the purchase of the terminal in the fiscal year 2072/07, Rs.

By operating a boat in Talpokhari, worshiping in the temple in the middle of the pond and arranging boat rides around the pond will be implemented soon. The target is to attract around one thousand tourists daily after starting boat operations.


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