Mithila Sagar : Ready To Welcome Tourists In Dhanusha

Mithila Sagar

Mithila Sagar : The pond, which has been dilapidated for years, is now full of tourists. The place known as Pokhariya has become known as Mithila Sagar. The pond, which is made of weeds, dirt and ugly all around, has turned green. Those who come to the pool to enjoy the heat, to play, and to relax are now happy to see the return picture.

This place is in the pond of Mithila Municipality-7 of Dhanusha. An attractive tourist lake has been constructed in this place located in Churiya hill. There is dense forest all around. To the north is the beautiful Churiya hill. And, the Mithila Sea in the lap of the mountains. Currently, there is a lot of people riding in the lake. There is a picnic crowd all around.

Mithila Sagar -Notes Nepal
Mithila Sagar

Mithila Sagar has been constructed 3 km north of Dhalkebar Chowk under East-West Highway. There are four boats in the shape of ducks and cars in the sea, in which tourists are enjoying riding.

Tourists are fascinated by the coquelicot’s cooing sound coming from the forest. The peacock, sparrow, myna and rhinoceros seen in the forest near the lake have attracted the attention of tourists.

Mithila Sagar is the tourist’s choice

Mithila Sagar -Notes Nepal
Mithila Sagar

Mithila Sagar is eager to welcome the tourists coming in the year 2020. It is beautified all around. The temple under construction in the middle of the sea has reached the final stage.

The sea is spread over an area of ​​7 bighas on the border of Kemlipur and Pokhariya Damar Community Forests. The Uttareswar Mahadev Temple, established in the middle of the sea, has added to the importance of the lake. There is a paved road around the lake. Flowers are planted around it.

“It’s a quiet place. Visitors love the Mithila Sea and come back again, ‘said Rajman Vik, 47, of Kemlipur.’ People come from far and wide to visit. They also come to eat forest food. ‘

Recalling a year ago, he added, “There was a small pond. The cows used to come and live in it. Now it has become a beautiful lake. ‘

Water has been flowing into the lake 24 hours a day from another river near the forest. Drinking water has been provided from that.

Attempts to prevent theft

Mithila Sagar -Notes Nepal
Mithila Sagar

Mithila Sagar is located 28 kilometers north of Janakpurdham without sanctifying Mithila. The road from Dhalkebar Chowk to the lake has been widened.

Construction of a bridge over Basahi river in Kemalipur has been completed at a cost of Rs 4 million. One and a half kilometers of road has been paved at a cost of Rs. 12.5 million.

The embankment has been built on the Basahi river to protect the road from river floods. Mithila municipality is also the gateway to Janakpur. The Mithila Municipality has invited internal and external tourists to visit the lake targeting the 2020 visit.

The Mithila Municipality has started planned work to protect the fertile land of the Terai from desertification by protecting it from theft. “We have turned the pond into a lake by conserving the pond as it will be a source of long-term income and tourists will be able to roam around the village,” said Harinarayan Mahato, mayor of the municipality. We are working gradually. ‘

It is estimated that Rs 110 million will be spent for the construction of physical infrastructure for the tourists visiting the lake. “We aim to develop Province 2 as a model tourist destination,” he said.

After the construction of the lake in the Chure, assistance has been provided for the conservation of the Chure. Yuvraj Upreti, Ward Chairman of Mithila Municipality-7, said that wild animals and birds used to come to the lake to quench their thirst.

View tower under construction

Physical infrastructure work has been started to keep modern view tower, picnic spot, garden, children’s park, meditation room, swimming pool and zoo.

According to Mayor Mahato, the DPR of Mithila Sagar was submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development. The budget for this fiscal year is Rs. 40 million. The goal is to have a view tower, a picnic spot and a mini zoo. The contract has been signed after inviting tenders for the work of physical infrastructure. The view tower is expected to increase the tourist attraction in the lake.

Pond as a lake

Work is underway to build a picnic site in an area of ​​four bighas near the lake. ‘Development works as the source of income grows. We had prepared the DPR for the construction of the lake last year, ”said Ram Kumar Karki, Chief Administrative Officer of Mithila Municipality.

He said that a budget of Rs. 40 million has been approved by the Ministry of Urban Development for the development of Mithila Sagar. According to him, a tender has been issued for the construction of physical infrastructure.

Natural beauty has increased the importance of the lake. “Tourists are attracted to visit. Tourists come to the lake every day for boat rides, picnics and walks, ‘said Ganesh Khadka, who is in charge of the lake.

Link connecting Janakpurdham with Chure

Janakpurdham, the ancient capital of Mithila, is the temporary capital of Province 2. Mithila Municipality is the gateway to Janakpur. According to Mayor Mahato, a lake has been constructed in Chure to connect with Janakpur targeting the visit year 2020 BS.

“We can attract tourists to Janakpurdham. That possibility is with Mithila Sagar,” he added. He said that the lake has been constructed as a tourist destination by conserving hills, forests and streams.

“The Mithila Sea can be an important link in connecting Janakpurdham from a tourist point of view,” said Mayor Mahato.

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