Chilaune Kharka : Visit Chilaune Kharka To See Culture Of Magar Community

Chilaune Kharka

Chilaune Kharka : It is no exaggeration to say that Pokhara is a place of nature and culture without being a tourist destination. Pokhara, carved with various shades of nature, is also a treasure trove of diverse culture. Chilaune Kharka of Pokhara Metropolitan City-21 is one of the villages around Pokhara where different castes and languages ‚Äč‚Äčlive. An initiative has been taken to make this place, which is found to study the culture and customs of the Magar community, a vibrant museum of the community through local activism.

Taranath Pahari, Founder Chairman of VITOF Gandaki Pradesh, said that the feasibility study of housing was done two years ago on the initiative of Village Tourism Forum (VITOF), Gandaki Pradesh to develop village tourism by linking the culture and culture with tourism. “As the Magar community near Pokhara is predominant in Chilaune Kharka, the feasibility study of the housing program has been carried out with the aim of bringing their culture to the tourism market,” said Pahari.

Chilaune Kharka -Notes Nepal
Chilaune Kharka

The locals, who are endowed with an original culture, have been passing on the folk cultural traditions of Sorathi, Thado Vaka, Zhaurel and others to the new generation. Located about 12 km south of the main market of Pokhara, this place can be seen in many parts of Syangja and Tanahun. Chairman of Chilaune Kharka Community Homestay, Man Bahadur Thapa Magar, said that despite the diverse cultural originality, it has not been promoted so far. According to him, housing program has been started in 22 houses.

With a total of 65 households, tourists can taste local organic products. For overnight stay, the committee charges a thousand rupees for a meal. In the evening, the locals provide warm hospitality to the tourists who reach the village. In the beginning, they serve breakfast of local products like maize and bhatta. Tourists relax while enjoying various cultural performances of the Magar people, including dinner. The committee has made arrangements to leave after having morning tea and lunch.

Along with the Magar culture, the Jaldevi Temple and the Narayan Temple in the village are also religious religious sites. Rudra Thapa Magar, chairman of the Chilaune Kharka Magar Toll Development Association, said that the Jaldevi temple has existed since time immemorial as there was an inscription about 200 years ago.

Chilaune Kharka -Notes Nepal
Chilaune Kharka

There is a unique legend that there is a temple of Jaldevi. In ancient times, people from Syangja, Kaski and surrounding areas used to reach Butwal through this village to get salt. Salt-carrying dhakras come here and get sick while staying overnight. When he showed it to the astrologer, he said that there was a water goddess here and that they should search for her and worship her. According to the advice of the astrologer, the stone of Khanda Jaldevi has been found and the local elders have been worshiping Jaldevi since that time.

According to Magar, special worship is performed at the temple every Chaite Dashain and visitors come from different places including Kaski and Syangja with vows, believing that their wishes will be fulfilled at different times. On the occasion of Nepal Tourism Year 2020, Vitof Gandaki Pradesh will launch a promotional program by connecting the villages with potential for tourism likeChilaune Kharka with the tourism market, said Nawaraj Adhikari.

“We are planning to link them with production along with the operation of homestay,” he said. “Mechanisms for the promotion of village tourism will be formed in all 11 districts of the state and the program will be taken forward with the concept of model homestay.”

He said that Vitof will carry out promotional activities in collaboration with the state government, Nepal Tourism Board and other concerned organizations. Ward Chairman Khagraj Acharya said that Rs. 2.7 million has been invested in the construction of community buildings, toilets and other infrastructures with the aim of making the housing program effective in Chilaune Kharka. He informed that the ward has provided training to the locals on hospitality and cooking.


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