Dhanteras : What is Dhanteras? These are the things that must be done on this day


Dhanteras : We celebrate the second great Hindu Chard Tihar for five days. As it is celebrated for five days, it is also called Yamapanchak. Those five days have their own significance and recognition. The first day of the festival is the Crow Festival. On this day we worship the crow and feed it. On this day, along with the crow, we also worship Lakshmi, Kuver and Dhanvantari.

On this day, people take various measures to please Goddess Lakshmi and Kuvar. There is a religious belief that if you can make Goddess Lakshmi happy on this day, you will not have any problem throughout the year. So today we are giving you information about some of the special measures to be taken in Dhanteras. Which benefits you .

Dhanteras -Notes Nepal

According to the calendar, it is customary to celebrate Dhanvantari Triodashi or Dhanteras every year on the day of Kartik Krishna Paksha Triodashi or Kaag Tihar. Dhan Triodashi and Dhanteras are also called on this day. This day is basically a celebration of the birth anniversary of Dhanvantari, the pioneer of Ayurveda and Kubera, the god of wealth.

On the day of Dhanteras, there is a tradition of buying new utensils and gold and silver ornaments in the Terai region of Nepal and all over India.People in the upper, middle or lower classes of the society in that area look forward to this special day of the year for the purchase of some important items of their needs and luxuries

. There is no definite evidence as to when and how the reference to shopping in this way started, but Dhanvantari originated from Samudramanthan and when he came with a urn full of nectar in his hand, this day is considered auspicious for shopping for utensils.

Story about Dhanteras festival

Dhanteras -Notes Nepal
ThingsTo Do In Dhanteras

In mythology, the birth of Dhanvantari is associated with the churning of the sea by the gods and demons. Dhanvantari originated during the churning of the ocean. He first appeared with a urn full of nectar in his hand. That is why his other name is ‘Piyushpani Dhanvantari’. He is also considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Besides, according to the tradition, in the evening on the day of Dhanteras, a lamp is placed at the main door of the house pointing to Yamaraj, requesting him not to enter the house and not to hurt anyone. This religious belief is related to the health and longevity of the common man. There is a folk tale associated with the Dhanteras festival, which is celebrated every year at the beginning of the festival.

Accordingly, once the king of the Himalayas, while constructing his son’s horoscope, found out from the mouth of an astrologer that on the fourth day of his marriage, his son would be bitten by a snake and die. The marriage took place but when the daughter-in-law of the Himalayas found out about it, she decided to save her husband from the wrath of Yamaraj by any means.

Exactly four days after the wedding, she made a mountain-high stove out of her husband’s room, piled up all the jewels in the house, and sat by herself, telling him many songs, hymns, and stories to keep her husband from falling asleep. At night, Yamaraj disguised as a snake and came to the place with the idea of ​​biting the son of the Himalayas, but he could not climb the mountain of Gahanaguria, just as Yamaraj reached the top of the pile as a snake, but when he got there he had to throw it away.

Dhanteras -Notes Nepal

The sound of sweet songs and hymns sung by the princess resounded in his ears as he was being cast, which enchanted him. Listening to those songs, psalms and stories became enlightening. Yamaraj, who came there the next morning as a snake, had to return empty-handed. Thus the princess saved her husband’s life.

After this incident, people light a lamp outside their house on the evening of Dhan Triodashi for the sake of the life, health and prosperity of their family members. The symbolic meaning of this karma is family happiness and good health. In our Aryan culture, health is considered more important than wealth, so Yamaraj is worshiped first in this festival associated with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

There is also a tradition of buying gold and silver utensils, coins, ornaments, etc. on the Triodashi of Karthik Krishnapaksha called Dhanteras. Nowadays, it is customary to wait for this day to buy luxury items like motor vehicles, mobiles, computers. This ‘Dhanteras’ festival, which is associated with customs and traditions, also seems to link itself with the security of financial investment.

It also seems to be demonstrating economic status and capacity, on the one hand the upper and middle class people try to increase their happiness by buying luxuries on the day of Dhanteras while on the other hand the poor and lower class people celebrate the festival by buying their necessities. In summary, it is customary to celebrate this festival in the Terai region of India and Nepal in accordance with one’s ability.

Things to do in Dhanteras

To light a lamp
On the evening of Dhanteras, a lamp should be lit and a cloth should be placed near it. The cloth should be wrapped in a red cloth and kept in a safe or money place. There is a religious belief that there is never a shortage of money at home.

It should be chanted with the mantra

During the evening worship, one should chant the mantra of Kuvera 108 times, saying, There is a legend that there is no shortage of money in doing so.

Involvement should be done with the inviolability of 21 rice

Lakshmi-Kuver should be worshiped by tying the inviolability of 21 rice invoked from seeds at night in a red bag. Invoked innocence should be kept with money. There is a religious belief that doing so alleviates all financial problems.

Sreesukta should be recited

From Dhanteras to Bhaitika, one should recite Srisukta every night by putting 11 kaudas in a red cloth. After Bhaitika, it should be kept with money. Doing so is believed to benefit you.

Silver coin

Worshiping a silver coin and a piece of raw turmeric in Dhanteras is believed to bring prosperity and progress in life.

Lack of money problems

If you do not have money and lack of money, you should offer a pair of cloves to Mother Lakshmi every day from Dhanteras to Lakshmi Puja By doing this, money starts to last.

Belief that wealth brings honor

According to astrology, a branch of a chameleon tree should be broken and brought home and kept in the living room. Doing so completes your paused task.

Things to keep in the purse

On the day of Dhanteras, you should take money from the hand of a third sex and put it in your purse. By doing this you will achieve a lot of success in life.

Worship of Shriyantra

Worshiping Shriyantra in Dhanteras and Lakshmi worship never requires money in life.


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