Temke Danda : Beautiful Hill On The Border Of Bhojpur And Khotang Temke-Chakheva

Temke Danda

Temke Danda : An 8 to 10 day trek has been identified to reach Chakheva-Temke-Mayung-Salpa Silichung, a picturesque hill on the border of Bhojpur and Khotang. According to Ramesh Kumar Rai, the trail engineer, the religious culture of the Kirant Rais has been linked after a long study and discussion.

Temke Danda
Temke Danda

A team of tourism scholars, media persons and guides led by Ramesh Rai, chairman of Mayung-Temke Danda-Salpa-Silichung Tourism Promotion Center, Kathmandu, has studied and explored the trail in the third year. The team returned after conducting a 12-day on-site study, drawing footprints and gathering necessary information. The campaign was supported by the Nepal Tourism Board and TAN, local villages and municipalities

Rupakot waiting for infrastructure and promotion – Temke Danda

After walking uphill for about an hour and a half from Mudhe village near Diktel, you reach Rupakot hill. At an altitude of 2616 m above sea level, Rupakot Danda offers a panoramic view of Khotang, Bhojpur and many parts of the Terai. A big fair is held here on the full moon of Mansire and Vaishakh. Shakela dances at the fair. There are a lot of people coming here to have a picnic in the new year.

Dudhkoshi, Lhotse, Makalu, Kanchenjunga and other mountain ranges make it attractive from here to the north. The development of general infrastructure and organizing more tourist activities by setting up a viewpoint in Rupakot, which is still overshadowed in terms of tourism, will attract more tourists.

Mayor of Diktel Rupakot Majuwagadhi Municipality Deep Narayan Rijal said that a master plan is being prepared to make the area around Diktel a tourist destination with Rupakot at the center.

Beautiful Temke Danda( hill)

Temke Danda
Temke Danda and Chakewa

We are about 40 km east of the Mid-Hills Highway. You came to live in the village of Chakheva Bhanjyang (2293 m) in Bhojpur. We got up before sunrise in the morning, the sun rose before reaching the base camp, some photos were taken. The higher we climbed, the more beautiful views opened up.

When we reached Temke (3000 m) through the Guranse forest for about 3 hours, we were amazed to see the 180 degree mountain. This is the first time in his 19-year trekking career that guide and mountaineer Inshu Rai has seen so many mountains at once. Pawanji, the manager of the accompanying Himalayan Map House, started picking.

We were also delighted to see dozens of Setamme Laskarai Mountains at once with over 8,000 mountains – Kanchanjunga, Makalu, Sagarmatha, Lhotse, Amadavalam. Even if you reach the hill by unpaved road, Gopal Kiranti’s grand tourism plan including Ganatantra Tower and Revolving Restaurant is yet to be completed.

There is a Mahadev temple at the top. To the west, Jogi Cave, the wind was blowing hard. To the north is a long ridge of mountains – from here the mountains, hills and plains are clearly visible. If the guest house of the base camp could be managed and operated as a lodge, it would be protected. It is important for the concerned stakeholders to pay attention to this.

When we returned to Chakheva, the cultural team of Temke-Myung 4 performed Shakela dance. In the open field interaction program, young social worker and founding member of the organization Pavihang explained about the civilization, history, culture and Mundum of Kiranti Rais.

Village head Dhrub Rai claimed that his village would not leave any stone unturned to make Temke Myung an excellent destination in the coming days as tourism is the main source of locals.

The start of the Temke Danda  trek

Temke Danda
Temke Danda in between boarder of Khotang and Bhojpur

In the morning, a jumbo team of 27 including village officials, technicians and us started the trek from Chakheva Bhanjang (2330 m).We were encouraged by the remarkable participation of the elected members and the locals. A tourist destination is successful with the participation and cooperation of government, private and local.

Chief Rai carved the footpath sign and laid the foundation stone of the footpath. Along with the journey, the Danda Danda Jumbo team started the journey by measuring the height, measuring the distance, and marking the trail. The scene was thrilling with a long group of hikers.

Chief Rai kept on spitting from time to time, saying, “Height, write!” Near Dalsinghe, the kitchen team chose a place to cook, which looked like a picnic. In the afternoon, sweet Bhojpuri local rice and pork aroused the mood. Prominent local guide PJ. Rai made the trip even more enjoyable by singing – go for a walk in Suntale Bazaar …..

It was evening and we spent the night in two houses and a cowshed in Dhotre Deurali (2450 m). “It’s hard to sleep because of the cold,” said Amrit and Pawan in the morning. When I woke up in the morning, it was covered with white frost. The next day the trek to the hill began. The view of the mountain was even closer, the polar elephant mountain was also clearly visible.

Our journey became more and more exciting. Looking back, Temke was slowly interrupting. Myung Danda was approaching. Our goal was to climb the still high Silichung Mountain. When he reached Hanspokhari (2962 m), he was surrounded by wire. The pond was very beautiful, openly the main source of water for cattle, birds and wild animals, and the playground was built like a prison. -Temke Danda

– In the interaction held inside the tar bar, it was suggested that keeping the pond naturally open would create environmental balance and attract more tourists.

The path is different-Temke Danda 

Temke Danda

You stayed in a barn 15 minutes below the pond near the water source. It was a very warm place. Some friends slept in the tent, I in the main extension of the herdsman, on the left Purna Rai, the ward chairman of Temke Mayung-3.

On the third day, the village team climbed Mayung Danda and we headed towards Siluchung. The jumbo team got a little smaller. Our journey to the north continued. Satdobate (3122 mins), Hyukule tired in the barn, Chiura quenched his hunger and lost his way to the horizontal forest.

We got lost in the dense forest for about 45 minutes. After finding it difficult to make our way through the bushes, we headed straight for the hill. Allied brothers Ganesh and Baldhan had a hard time climbing the hill with heavy. After walking uphill for some time, we started our journey.

It was about 3 o’clock, thirsty and thirsty. The water source has dried up. Panicked for a moment, then Mohan and Shyamji signaled that they had found water in front of them. We quenched our hunger by boiling noodles and greens near the cowshed.

Rameshji said that it would take about an hour to reach the top of Lauri hill. It took us about 3 hours. We struggled to climb the steep cliffs and rocky paths. It was late at night when we reached Rayo Dhap (3414 m) with a torch in the dark, holding babio and grass. As soon as the cliff is cut, the wind blows. -Temke Danda

But after finding three well-organized sheds made by the shepherd, what did we need and we pitched a tent inside and sat happily. Hillary found her way . Nearby was Silichung Mountain, we were all happy, the journey started early. Unfortunately, after walking for an hour and a half, when Kanla came down, my leg was paralyzed. I sat quietly. Thankfully not broken.

With the help of a stick, we reached Kulupankh (Salpa Bhanjyang, 3348 m) by going downhill, horizontally and straight for about 5 hours. The formerly famous Arun Valley Trek is the only way out of Solu. Since Edmund Hillary walked this road, the government is opening a motor road called Hillary Road in his memory.

Silichung (4155 min.) 

Mr. Kumar Rai, Chairman of Salpa Silicho Conservation and Tourism Promotion Development, accompanied his friends to Siluchung at 5 in the morning. About 1 km from Bhanjyang. The distance reaches Salpa Pond (3500 m) in half an hour. According to local lodge operator Buddhi Keshar Rai, a big fair is held at Salpa Pond on Bhadaure, Katike, Chaite and Baisakh Purni.

When Baldhan and I reached Salpa Pond at 8 in the morning, the pond was frozen with snow. There is a temple near the pond. Rotate it to the right. Thousands of pilgrims come to worship and take vows. Friends returned from Silichung at 1 pm. They watched the sunrise and said that they had climbed the hill and kissed Silichung hill in 4 hours.

Looking at the photos later, Silichung is a really indescribable place. Common religious sites on the border of Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha. The view of the mountains is breathtaking and can be seen up close. The journey from Salpa Bhanjyang to Mayung via Rayo Dhap, Hakule, Satdobat suddenly took a turn.

Following the path of Arun Valley Trek, you followed Jaubari, Fedi, Tendo and Dobhane. Sundar Sherpa and Rai settled in Kholanala, Alaichibari, Rudraksha, Dobhane, Katike in a jeep, Dingla and reached Sunta at 11 pm. 11 km from Bhojpur Bazaar. Suntale Danda (2500 m) is a beautiful hill station that can be reached in 2 hours on foot. -Temke Danda

Many domestic tourists visit Bhojpur Bazaar and its environs. It is famous for its mountain views, cool places, Tongba and Sukuti. We also drank Tongba with Sukuti. The orange hill is really beautiful.  After descending for two and a half hours, we reached the buffalo wing village of our friend Mohan Rai and ended our journey on the Mundum Trail.

In the last interaction program, Mayor of Bhojpur Municipality Kailash Kumar Ale said that the Temke-Mayung-Silichung area on the Mundum Trail is not only the pride of Bhojpur but also the property of the country and would help to make this region a tourist destination. Similarly, Temke Mayung village municipality ward no. Chairman of 5 Sunil Rai said that emphasis would be laid on declaring Temke-Mayung Conservation Area and making it a model tourist destination of Nepal.

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The invitation to Maghe Sakranti (Yaledunma) could not be accepted due to lack of time, Taksar and Bhojpur Bazaar could not be visited for fun, said Amritji, a friend who will visit Bhojpur again to fulfill the interest. At 4 o’clock in the morning, we took a bus through the Kirant land in the midst of the historical scenery, crossed the Arun River through the Mid-Hill Lok Marg and reached Kathmandu via Hile, Bhedetar and Dharan.

How to reach Temke Danda ? :

Kathmandu – Diktel-Chakheva via Sindhuli-Khurkot (by jeep or bus)

Kathmandu-Dharan-Hile-Bhojpur (by bus)

Kathmandu-Bhojpur (45 minutes by air)

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