Digestive System : How To Make Your Digestion Better ?

Digestive System

Digestive System, Everything we eat is difficult to digest. How much digestion capacity is very weak. They have some kind of stomach problem. Even the face of such a person looks rough, worn and pale. So to be healthy or beautiful, the stomach must be clean. Digestive capacity should be strong. So, how?

Digestive System
Digestive System


Sometimes we eat so much food while working that it is difficult to digest. Whether it’s watching television or chatting with someone, we like to keep eating. Thus, sitting in one place and eating for a long time can be harmful. So let’s eat only at the right time according to the eating schedule. The habit of eating at any time affects the digestive system.


Food should be eaten only as much as the body needs. Eating junk food makes your stomach heavy. So you have to control the food. However, eat foods that are digestible and balanced. It keeps the digestive system active and strong.

Human Body
Digestive System


When you eat, enjoy it to the fullest. According to Ayurveda, one should eat from the heart to maintain physical health. Sit comfortably while eating. Stay in the right posture. This helps your digestive system to function properly. Must Read


Stir the fire. That is, take a piece of ginger and mix lemon juice in it. Add a little salt. It is easily digested no matter how rich and heavy you eat. Ayurveda also has some rules for digesting food, of which this is also a method. It reduces fat and maintains proper digestion. Such a method is called digestive fire method.

Digestive System


Avoid cold drinks and fast food. It increases bad cholesterol in the body. Increases fat. It affects the digestive process. Drink juice instead.


According to Ayurveda, proper and regular routine should be followed to keep the digestive system healthy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be done at the right time. Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner. Have a light meal at night. Eat nutritious food in the morning.

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