Bipolar Disorder : The Symptoms and Prevention of Bipolar Disorder

It is not uncommon to be overjoyed or anxious. This indicates bipolar disorder. It is a complex mental problem that can even lead to suicide.

Mania or happy phase of Bipolar Disorder

At this stage, people feel full of self-confidence. If they show any of the following symptoms, they should see a doctor immediately.

– Expressing great happiness, which begins to appear in his gestures. For example, to be happy, to share money.

– Listening to the song every moment.

– Stay up all night.

– Talk fast. But, not paying attention to anything.

Bipolar Disorder

There are two types of bipolar disorder. One is sadness and the other is happiness. Depression can cause a person to become so depressed that he or she may even think about committing suicide. At the stage of happiness, they show more confidence. And, they want to do whatever it takes. In both cases there is a complete loss of control. The effects last for weeks, months, or even years.

Stages of depression

Depression occurs in the second stage of bipolar disorder. In this, the person always looks frustrated and sad. If any of the following symptoms appear, see a doctor.

– Talking about your own loss in everything. To express the intention to die.

– To look very sad and frustrated in the office and in your work.

– Always looking anxious for the future.

– To be very aggressive.

– To be sad even in a happy environment.

– Weight loss.

– Feeling guilty about yourself.

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What is the reason for this?

There is no cause for this disease. Sometimes genetic, sometimes neurotransmitter imbalances, abnormal thyroid function, this is due to anxiety.

What is the treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder treatment is possible and the victim can be returned to normal. This requires the advice of a psychiatrist.

– This kind of patient is cured by taking medicine regularly.

– This type of person needs enough sleep.

– Medication as well as regular therapy should be taken.

– You have to leave your world and practice talking to others, mingling, wandering around.

– Exercise and meditation should be done every day.

Bipolar Disorder

Myth about Bipolar Disorder

Many believe that a person with bipolar disorder cannot lead a normal life. But, this is very wrong. According to experts, this type of patient returns to normal after receiving proper treatment. They carry all kinds of responsibilities.

One in a hundred suffers from this type of problem. Such diseases are usually contracted after the age of 20 years. But sometimes, even after 14 years, bipolar disorder can develop.

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