Adolf Hitler : Biography And Every Detail You Need To Know

Adolf Hitler, the ruler of Germany, is considered a world-famous dictator. Her father, Eloise, was born in 1837. He, Maria Anna and her friend were illegitimate children. Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Maria worked as a cook in a wealthy Jewish family called Frankenberger.

When Adolf Hitler father was five years old, his mother remarried. His name was John Garg Heidler. Maria died five years after the marriage began. From then on, Alois moved to a small farm with his uncle. Disgusted with the farm, Eloise went to Vienna at the age of 13 to do something. There he began working in a shoe store for very little money. Later, he joined the Austrian civil service. That’s when he became an assistant customs officer.

Adolf Hetler
Adolf Hetler

He worked very hard, did a good job. As a result, he became a ‘supervisor’. By 1875, through his hard work, he became a ‘Senior Assistant Inspector’. From a poor peasant boy to that position, he made a great leap in life. At that time an event happened, which became a big sign for the future. Alois used to put a Schickgruber after his mother’s name. Adolf Hitler

However, after his success in the civil service, his uncle persuaded him to write his last name, Hitler. Eloise also continued her family name. When the name was registered in the archives, his name was mistaken for Alois Hitler. Thus, in 1876, at the age of 39, Alois went from Schickgruber to Alois Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. He was born in Braunau, a small Austrian village near the German border. Hitler’s family moved to another location in search of a comfortable life. Soon after, Hitler stayed in Benedict’s monastery for six months. Where only religious people lived. A symbol was inscribed on the sleeves of the coats worn by the saints living in that ashram. That sign was called Swastika. Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler’s fourth wife, Clara, had a fourth child, Hitler. Because of family poverty, Clara wanted to kill Hitler. However, the doctor did not approve of her decision. The womb grew and came to earth as a child. This child became Adolf Hitler. Born on April 20, 1889, in Austria, Hitler never had a good education because of poverty.

As a child, Adolf’s dream was to become a religious scholar. Adolf Hitler was beaten by his father throughout his childhood. “It was done for the sake of discipline,” said one source. But it wasn’t the best way to go. ‘ He used to instruct his children and expected them to act accordingly. In primary school, Hitler did very well and showed a very good educational future. A bright future lay ahead of him. Adolf Hitler

He was popular among his classmates and admired by those older than him. The biggest thing is that he showed the extraordinary talent of his ‘leadership ability’. He was a very religious child. He also thought of becoming a saint. At the same time, the Hitler family moved to Lamvec, a city in Austria. That place was between Linz and Szburg. Hitler’s move meant getting rid of farm work and having plenty of time to play. Hitler started going to school there too and he did well in school. He was enrolled in a religious school. Adolf Hitler


He took part in a chorus of boys singing there. He sang well, it is said that he had a good voice. Years later, Hitler said, “He was very enthusiastic and happy at any festival, celebration or Catholic celebration, and it had a serious effect on him later.” Hitler’s family suddenly suffered a setback. Her brother Edmund died of measles at the age of six. Baby Adolf who loved to play war games and play imaginary death games. But this is the first time he has seen real death. This had a serious effect on Adolf.

Her dead brother was buried near the house. The tomb was visible from the window of Adolf’s bedroom. Even years later, Adolf Hitler would sometimes sit on his grave at night and stare at the sky for hours. Sometimes he would sit at the window and look at the grave. Alois Joe Hitler was 52 years old when he was born. He was very anxious for his son to do a good job. Alois was a very strict father. He would beat his son mercilessly if he did not obey. When Elvis Jr. turned 13, he became dissatisfied with his father. He was abused and beaten by his father. A year later he was 14, now he was able to survive and ran away from home.

Her father never found her. Adolf was only seven years old at the time. Her father repeated the same behavior to Adolf. By 1900, Hitler had shown the quality of an artist. He prepared well for the university. He also deserved it. Hitler agreed with his father’s decision to enlist in the Reels. According to his friend Kuvijek, after watching the song “Rinji” performed by German composer Richard Bagner, Hitler began to behave as if he were possessed by demons. Hitler took his friend to the top of a steep hill and talked about his “Great Mission” in a unique way, which was to liberate people. Similarly, he had seen in the opera. Adolf Hitler

Hitler first watched opera when he was 12 years old. He saw another important interest .At the time, that was German nationalism. He was against the Austrian monarchy. Adolf Hitler and his friends used to say hello to the Germans. And sang the German national anthem “Dutchland Uber Ales”. However, Hitler’s father served the Austrian imperialists and was loyal to the Hepberg monarchy. Perhaps he was unknowingly encouraging his rebellious son’s loyalty to the German saffron. Adolf Hitler

Hitler was also called Latocosero. He did not sleep till late at night. He used to go out at night. When Hitler was eighteen, he inherited his father’s estate. With that money, Hitler went to Vienna to study “art.” Hitler took a two-day entrance exam at the Academies School of Painting. They started waiting for the result with great confidence. He was confident of getting admission in the school. But he failed the entrance exam. He felt like lightning. The judges were not satisfied with his painting. So he failed. This greatly affected Hitler.

He dropped out of school in 1905 to pursue painting. However, he was not allowed to enter the School of Art and other art academies. At the same time, his sick mother also died. He would go to the grave where his mother was buried and cry. After his mother left him when he was 18 and he was rejected from the School of Art, he finally turned to politics.

He finally did his best and started begging. He slept on benches in the streets at night. He was dirty, smelly and wore torn clothes. By December 1909, his condition had worsened. He began to spend his days in homes run by Jewish philanthropists. This was the time when Hitler gradually developed a bad attitude towards Jews. Which later took a violent form.
In World War I, British soldiers paid the price for the life of a wounded German soldier. Those lucky soldiers were none other than Hitler. Then he began to exterminate the Jews. He wanted to destroy the Jews.

Hitler’s first girlfriend was a Jew who persecuted many Jews. He also stole the way to build a Volkswagen Battle car from a Jewish engineer. Hitler loved chocolate. He used to eat chocolate. Hitler even planned to kill the President of England with explosive chocolate. But, that was not possible. Hitler was very afraid of cats. Adolf Hitler

Adolf hetler
Adolf hetler

Hitler was the first person in the modern world to launch an anti-smoking campaign. Another thing is that many may have speculated that Hitler, who carried out the politics of carnage, was a carnivore. But, he was a vegetarian. He also enacted laws against animal cruelty. Adolf Hitler

Hitler was addicted to drugs. He used 80 types of drugs every day. Her health had deteriorated. The body trembled all the time. He also mixed 10 percent cocaine in iDrop. He was suffering from bloating. He used to take 28 types of medicines to get rid of it.

The artist was a big fan of Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler. He liked Charlie’s mustache very much. That’s why he had a mustache like Charlie. Hitler’s mustache was called the ‘toothbrush mustache’. Hitler was only four days younger than Charlie. It was one of the happiest days for Hitler, when Times Magazine named him the Man of the Year. This is the incident of 1938. In 1939 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler seized power in Germany. Then his state expansion campaign began. He treated his opponents very cruelly. During the expansion of the state, his army reached the outskirts of Berlin, where Stalin’s Russian army was stationed. His expansionist campaign was a symbol of German nationalism. He led World War II in 1939-1945. The world-famous dictator Hitler died on April 30, 1945

Adolf Hitler : Biography And Every Detail You Need To Know

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