Gopal Dynasty (Bangsa) : Its History & Origin

 Gopal Dynasty  It is a well-known fact that hundreds of states rise and fall on

Anshuvarma & Bhrikuti: Unanswered Questions About Anshuvarma & Bhrikuti

Anshubarma Bhrikuti  ,The search for history is a difficult subject in itself. That is why

How old is Nepal? What does the history of Nepal say?

 How old is  Nepal ? Old  Nepal, Nepal has existed since about 5000 years ago.

Gorkha :History of Gorkhaland and Gorkha

History of Gorkha  Gorkha-Now the demand for Gorkhaland has risen sharply again  Nepali-speaking Darjeeling people

Birupakshya:Unsolved Mystery of Pashupatinath

Most people know that idol as the idol of Kali (Yuga). The idol is buried

Biography of Prithvinarayan Shah

From time immemorial, epoch-making great heroes have been born from the fertile womb of the

What Happened in Bhandarkhal Massacre in Rana Regime??Bhandarkhal Parba

Bhandarkhal massacre occured in the year 1806 BS in the garden of kathmandu ,Hanuman Dhoka