Mahabharat Bhim : Why Did Bhim Killed The Big Characters

Mahabharat Bhim

Mahabharat Bhim, The name of the second son of the five brothers of the Pandavas is Bhim. It is said that Bhim had the strength of ten thousand elephants. He was also skilled in war. Once he stopped the flow of Narmada with his hand.

Bhim is also called Pawanputra. Bhim’s son Ghatolkach was even more powerful than Bhim. Ghatalkach’s son Barbarik was the greatest. Bhim had killed various powerful people alone in his life. Which are as follows.

Mahabharat Bhim
Mahabharat Bhim


It was impossible to kill the most powerful emperor Magadharaj Jarasandha. He was Kansha’s father-in-law. He had the gift of being reconnected even if someone cut him in two. A fierce battle took place on the plains of Bhim and Jarasandha. Bhima broke Jarasandha in two several times, but he reconnected and started fighting with Bhim. Bhim was tired of the long war.

On the 14th day of the battle, Lord Krishna broke a stick in the middle and threw both its parts in opposite directions. In Mahabharat Bhim understood Lord Krishna’s gesture and he did so.

The war Kaurau
Mahabharat Bhim

He tore the root in the middle and threw the two parts in opposite directions to each other. In this way, he put an end to the root cause. Because it was thrown in two opposite directions, the two torn pieces could not be connected.


Slaughter of Hidimb

One day five Pandavas were sleeping in the forest. The monster Hidimb was terrified in the forest. He asked his daughter Hidimb to bring him some human flesh. Hidimb went to the forest. There she saw Bhim. She was fascinated by Bhim and thought of marrying him. She disguised herself and presented herself to Bhim.


Mahabharat Bhim
Mahabharat Bhim

At the same time, his father Hidimb arrived there. Seeing Bhima’s huge body, Hidimb asked his daughter, “Do you want to eat such a strong man alone?” Hidimb started attacking Bhima.

Hidimb joined Bhim to attack. There was a terrible battle between Bhim and Hidimb. In the end, Hidimb was killed.


Kichak slaughter

Bhima had killed King Kichak of the Matsya dynasty. Because he had abused Draupadi. During his exile, five Pandava fishes lived in the capital of King Virat, Biratnagar, with Kank, Ballav, Brihannala, Tantipal and Granthik and Rerandhri. King Virat’s brother-in-law Kichchak had come there to visit his sister Sudeshna. When his eyes fell on Draupadi, then he became a work-victim and he started looking for an opportunity to meet Draupadi in private.


Mahabharat Bhim
Mahabharat Bhim

When Draupadi told that to Bhima, Bhima came up with a solution. Bhima said to Draupadi, “Give the message that you will meet that evil Kichkak in the dance hall at midnight. I will go and sit in your place in the dance hall, when he comes near me as you, and I will kill him. ‘Bhim did so and Kichak was killed.


Slaughter of Dushashan

To avenge Draupadi’s dismemberment, Bhima tore the chest of Dusshasan during the war and drank his blood. Out of 100 Kauravas, 97 were killed by Bhim alone. Apart from this, Bhimas also killed Durmasan, the son of Dusshasan who killed Abhimanyu. Karna’s nine sons were also killed by Bhim, Arjuna and Nakul-Sahadeva. Bhima also fought with Kalinga and Nishads and he killed all of them.


Duryodhana’s Slaughter

After the battle of Mahabharata, Duryodhana went somewhere and hid. The Pandavas met him, then there was a battle between Duryodhana and Bhima. Balaram was also present to watch the battle. Bhima could not kill Duryodhana even when he used various devices to kill him, because Duryodhana’s body was as hard as a thunderbolt. At that time, Lord Krishna touched his thigh and signaled to Bhima, which Bhima understood.

Killing Duryodhan
Mahabharat Bhim

Then Bhim hit Duryodhana’s thigh and in the end he pulled Duryodhana’s thigh and threw it. Duryodhana fought on the battlefield covered in blood and later died.


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