Shilajit : Ayurvedic Remedies
Ayurvedic Remedies to Increase Immunity

Ayurvedic Remedies in today’s world is considered to be the best medicine.People need to have strong immunity to be healthy and fit. For this, first of all, we have to

Drinking Beer or Wine? How, Why and How Much to Drink??

BEER The festive season is starting. And, at this time Nepali society consumes more alcohol. Alcohol is a bad drink for health. Its consumption is considered harmful. However, in some

Aromatherapy : A Beauty Treatment With The Fragrance

  There are many methods to solve the problem of beauty. Ayurvedic treatment method is adopted as an alternative to allopathic. Seeking natural remedies can certainly be harmless.At the same

Top 5 Most Dangerous Viruses in the World, which Wreaked Havoc More Than Corona

Virus is a living and also non-living borderline holding kind of organism. There are about 3 lakh 20 thousand types of viruses in the world, which can infect mammals. Mammals.

What are the Essential Eight Parts of Yoga? Must Know Fact

Yoga in 21st Century has been a essential factor in life.With the increasing adulteration in food , pollution and unhealthy lifestyle of people with a busy schedule,Yoga is a must

Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss:Tips by Ramdev

Hair fall problem has become a common problem. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible. Nowadays people’s lifestyle and food has become so bad that it

Doing Yoga?? Pay Attention to These Things

Yoga is the best option for physical health and fitness. A person who practices yoga regularly is always healthy, agile and young. You can experience this for yourself.Yoga makes the

17 Tips to Avoid Kidney Disease!

  Kidney is one of the most important organ in the body which is not just responsible for the urination but also filtration of blood. Improper diet and poor lifestyle

Worried About Your Teeth??Here are 10 Things to Keep in Mind .

Teeth are important not only in the digestive process but also in the personality of a person. If a person do not have clean,perfect and proper teeth,he may be not