Rani Mahal -Notes Nepal
Rani Mahal: History About Wonder Of Love

Have you reached Rani Mahal? Rani Mahal is Located on the border of Palpa and Syangja districts, Rani Mahal on the banks of Kaligand is now a tourist destination for

Ghantaghar Nepal -Notes Nepal
Ghantaghar :History About The Clock Tower Nepal

Ghantaghar  A sundial made to match the hands of a clock tower is now in a state of disrepair. Ghantaghar is on the south side of the clock tower on

Nepal British War
Shivagadhi Fort : Where the British Army could not Defeat Nepali Warriors

Shivagadhi Fort : The History Shivagadhi Fort, The British, who were running the East India Company government by colonizing India, were also keeping an eye on Nepal. He was also

Jung Bahadur Rana Handwriting
Jung Bahadur Rana : Letters and Handwritings

Jung Bahadur Rana :Illiterate Rumor Jung Bahadur Rana, Among the prime ministers of Nepal, Jung Bahadur Rana ruled for a long time. He made ‘Shri 5’ the deity of Khopa

First movie Nepal-Notes Nepal
First Movie Nepal : History & Story Of First Movie House

First Movie Nepal- While digging into the history of cinema exhibitions in Nepal, Rana reaches the reign of Prime Minister Devshamsher. It is known from the first and third issues

First Car Nepal-Notes Nepal
First Car In Nepal History

First Car in Nepal -Currently, there are around 2.5 million vehicles in Nepal. However, many may not know about the first vehicle brought to Nepal and its history. When and

Khukuri -Notes Nepal
Khukuri :The story of Khukuri

Khukuri -In our ancient culture, the place of kukhuri is revered and revered. There are interesting ideas about the physical form of khukuri in different cultures of Nepal and khukuri

Prachanda : The Popular Communist Leader in Nepal

Prachanda : Life Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Prachanda was born. No. On 26th December, 2011 in Dhikurpokhari VDC ward no. 2 happened in Lewade. Prachanda, the

Prime Minister Of Nepal
Prime Minister Of Nepal : Every Prime Minister Till Date

Prime Minister Of Nepal : Overview The post of Prime Minister of Nepal is believed to have started from 1799. There is an unconfirmed history of establishing the post of