History of Indo-china dispute: Ladakh

Ladakh is famous for its beauty and hilly terrain. For the past several weeks, the

When were the devastating earthquakes occurred in Nepal?

The first catastrophic earthquake in Nepal was on the third Monday of Bikram Samvat 1218

Did you read Bhagwat Gita? These are the 18 main gist of the Gita.

The Bible is the largest religious text of the Christian religion, the Koran is the

Birupakshya:Unsolved Mystery of Pashupatinath

Most people know that idol as the idol of Kali (Yuga). The idol is buried

Three benefits that Nepal can take from Mahashivaratri festival

Mahashivaratri festival has been important in Nepal since ancient times. During Mahashivaratri, devotees flock not

Places to visit in Nepal : The list of Twenty Must Go Places

  Places to visit in Nepal, Nepal is a very beautiful country which has 1000s

Places to visit if you are in Terai (state 2) :Nepal

 Visit Nepal (State 2) If you are in state 2 of Nepal or if you

Lord Krishna: His Characters,Forms & Personality

Lord Krishna is one of the most famous and praised God in Hinduism. He is

This is How Sati Pratha Ended in Nepal.

It has been less than a century since the most extreme form of violence against

Biography of Prithvinarayan Shah

From time immemorial, epoch-making great heroes have been born from the fertile womb of the

Vipasana meditation :Nepal

Vipassana is the most ancient method of self-purification by introspection. To see and understand what

Experience of Lifetime :Pathivara Temple

The number of internal and external pilgrims has been increasing in Pathibhara, an important tourist