Top 7 Awesome dating spot near Kathmandu Valley

1.NAGARKOT Nagarkot is the beautiful place near Kathmandu Valley whch liesin northeast .You can visit

Everthing You Need to know about Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Massif lies in the north-center Himalayan of Nepal which is 8091 m of height

Things to buy in Nepal

Nepal is one of the mountainous country which is diverse,multi-religious ,multi – ethnic where there

Everything you need to know about Manaslu

Manaslu is also called ‘Kutang’ which is the 8th highest peak in the world which

One -Horned Rhinoceros ‘Gaida’

One horned Rhino is also called ‘Gaida’ in Nepal .Rhinoceros unicorns is an endangered species

Everything you need to know about Mt.Kanchanjunga

Among the highest mountains in the world, Kanchanjunga is the third highest peak in the